The Danburam Zauzzau, Dan Barden Keffi That I know

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By Alhaji Usman A.A Danmalam Sayaya.

Honourable Sani Sha’aban a political cum business icon in Nigeria, and particularly in Kaduna state has remained a household name in every nook and cranny of Northern Nigeria, celebrated his birthday recently.

Though the event was not celebrated by him, but alot of his acolytes insisted on visiting him and paying tribute to this iconic figure. Many Nigerians, foreigners and lovers of Kaduna State came calling and one of the many demands that was tabled, was Hon. Sha’aban Kaduna State needs your services!

In fact, hardly a day passes without Kaduna state being on the news for one or two bad news and in the same vein, hardly a day passes by without Kaduna state Indigenes, citizens and well-wishers clamouring for the man called SHA’ABAN !

The din for Sha’aban has gotten to a feverish tempo that I asked myself why the clamour for this Sha’ban?

I came to understand how Sha’aban has demonstrated balanced excellence and mastered the art of pursuing multiple tasks at once.
Firstly, he has mastered the art of business, Sha’aban is an astute and consumate business man with a keen sense of going for the best and imposing it on his companies.

As a businessman, he has groomed many Nigerians especially Kaduna citizens into business and leadership positions and such set the state in a positive trajectory.

Let’s not forget that the Barden Keffi has businesses in Zaria, Lagos, Chad, Mali and Bulgaria with thousands of persons gainfully employed.

The way he has handled these businesses very well would be the way he would handle Kaduna State itself if he is given the opportunity.

In his years in public service, this businessman turned politician has set a good record as a brilliant administrator – politically and otherwise. He has repositioned all the offices he ever worked with for the better.

Let’s not forget that the pension scheme enjoyed today came as the result of one young man in the National Assembly at Abuja.
He alongside with other legislators came up with the idea that people who worked at the pinnacle of the retirement should retire to good home and sustainable income.

That young man was Hon.Sani Sha’aban. Yes. Sha’aban.

In multicultural and multi religious society like Kaduna State, Sha’aban had in the past reached out to the different sections of the state with a message of unity, equality and sense of belonging to persons of religious and religious affiliations. To this end, the good people Southern Kaduna have always reposed their confidence in him. In the same way, the good people from the North and Central parts of the state have over the years come to trust him.

The nexus between Sha’aban and the youths who formed 65% of our population is very obvious. This manifested itself when students of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria gave him an award. And this would not be the first time, students and youth affiliates are honouring the Danburam Zauzzau.

As young man himself, Sha’aban developed a keen sense of love for the youths and thereby instituted a lot of schemes ranging from scholarships to youths empowerment to skills acquisition for youths
All these have endured him to the youths

Hon. Sha’aban is indeed a pearl, a Jewel and the real deal that Kaduna state needs to rejuvenate and galvanize the citizens back to prosperity and development.

Written by Dan Malikin Matazu Alhaji Usman A.A Danmalam Sayaya, the Sarkin Dawakin Ungwar Muazu, Kaduna.