As it is in Northern and Nigeria, so it is in hell!

As it is in Northern and Nigeria, so it is in hell!

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By Elempe Dele

Bandits Kidnap 70 High School Students in Northern Nigeria – Aljazeera.

In 2006, in a speech at the 50th Anniversary of the 1st International Conference of Black Writers & Artists in Paris, Wole Soyinka warned against the neglect of those who remain silent against the crimes against humanity in Darfur: “As the armies of the Sudanese state mass for the final onslaught on its long determined design of race extermination, that future will stigmatise you one and all, will brand you collaborators and acccomplices if you abandon the people of Darfur to this awful fate, one that so blindingly scrawls its name across the supplicating sands and hills of Darfur – Genocide!”

Fifteen years will pass before I am able to warn the world that Nigeria is falling into the arms of an illegal ragtag army. Yes, the world is witnessing another rape of mankind in the northern Nigeria with its consequences trickling down through the vast swarth to the southern parts of the country carrying with it debris of deaths and destruction.

The raped people of the Northern Nigeria are by affiliation to mankind my people, they are blacks; my colour, and I mush admit they are part of the human race.

For those who’s memories are failing to flashback on how Syria became a land of destruction, I would like to jolt their memories to liveliness. In 2010, the Arab Spring was born. For the uninitiated, the Arab Spring was a series of anti-government protests, uprisings, and armed rebellions that spread across much of the Arab world. It began in response to corruption and economic stagnation and was influenced by the Tunisian Revolution. I do not wish to go into the depth of the analytical. My aim here is to warn us that what started as mostly a peaceful protest consumed much of the Arab world in armed conflict – From Egypt to Libya.

Today, it is registering in Nigeria, starting from the Northern part, that some armed conflict against the government and against the people is developing dangerously beyond what it seem the government is able to curtail, and there are calls for countries like the US and military blocks like NATO to come to our aid. Or at the very least, some foreign military contractors.

Its beyond the level of the ego of claiming sovereignty now; a nation that has parts of it’s landmass being governed by insurgents must be able to ask for the demise or downgrade it’s claim to sovereignty. A country that has rebels and criminal elements collecting taxes from citizens must minimize it’s claim to legitimacy. No nation that allows thousands of it’s citizens being kidnapped for over 6 years consistently should be seen as one to be taken seriously in the committee of nations.

Do away with the rethorics; they are not evidence of the reality on ground. The situation is grim, hopeless, gloomy, wretched, bleak, miserable, disheartening, opaque, dreary…owing to the abysmal and drab approach this present administration started with against insurgency. It was both rationalized as religious war, a sectorial clamour like the Niger Delta Militancy, and so a necessity for some cover-up.

As this armed conflict continue to rage on like wild fire, without any resolution in sight, the common people and innocent are mostly the devastated victims. The economy is in shambles, some are in IDPs and refugees in neighbouring countries, unemployment is visual and inflation is pulsating like a jigsaw.

Some citizens have lost their farmlands and have been impoverished. Some have lost their entire ancestral lands and homes, breaking their self worth, and some have had their properties destroyed, while so many have been killed, making the country one of the most terrorized places on planet earth.

I am of the opinion we should tell the president all these evil happening to us.