Former LG Boss Commends Electronic Transmission Of Results, Urges INEC To Emulate KADSIECOM

Former LG Boss Commends Electronic Transmission Of Results, Urges INEC To Emulate KADSIECOM

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As Kaduna Local Government poll holds today virtually across the state, Interim Chairman of Kaduna North Usman Ibrahim, popularly known as Sardaunan Badarawa has thumbed up the use of electronic and transmission of results , urging INEC to take a leaf from SIECOM in conducting 2023 election.

He said this shortly after casting vote in his Badarawa ward which he revealed did not take him up to two minutes to complete, adding that use of machine to vote and transmit results could be described as an electoral feat and renovation meant to ensure transparency devoid of malpractice.

The APC chieftain commended Governor Nasiru El-Rufai for ensuring a credible electoral process even at the detriment of the ruling party in the state, saying the governor deserved eulogies and national recognition for enriching Nigeria’s democracy though a credible electoral process.

Sardaunan Badarawa who also holds the traditional title of San-Turakin Hausa stated that the era of godfathers’ influence in facilitating victories of godsons at polls was over , according to him, candidates’ antecedents and achievements should speak for them in determining their electoral success.

He pointed out that yardstick for fielding candidates by parties should be popularity of Politicians within their constituents, saying that such measures would go a long way in enriching Nigeria’s democracy.

“All through my career in public and private sector, particularly as LG Boss, I have been an advocate of developing people at the grassroots through provision of basic infrastructures and social amenities that would facilitate growth.

“This underscores the important of today’s poll vis-a-vis giving the people mandate to select candidates they feel will deliver and work for their interest.

“Glowing tributes should be paid to governor el-Rufai for being one of the few governors in Nigeria who has decided despite all odds to hold LG Poll – a credible one for that matter, ” he said.

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