PDP Rejects Local Government Election in Kaduna

PDP Rejects Local Government Election in Kaduna

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Says Electronic Voting Machines Programmed to Rig 

• Alleged Connivance between APC and KADSIECOM officials

The People’s Democratic Party,PDP has rejected the Local Government Council election currently ongoing in 19 Local Government Areas of Kaduna state due to what it termed as allocation of votes to the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, programing  of voting machines and connivance of of electoral umpires and Kaduna State Governor.
Speaking at a press conference held at the conference hall of Nigeria Union of Journalists Kaduna on Saturday,the PDP publicity Secretary for the state, Alberah Catoh told media men that the Electronic Voting Machines EVM, had been programmed to accept and print votes only for APC candidates .
Mr. Catoh explained that the head of KADSIECOM told newsmen and party officials that the Electronic Voting Machines would at the initial stage print out figures 000 as  proofs that they were not tampered withHowever, the machines in polling units in Barnawa started printing results which located huge number of votes to APC even without a single vote being casted 

“What the head of KADSIECOM told us was that the Electronic Voting Machines would at the initial stage, print out the figures 000 , but what we saw in Barnawa and what happened in other polling units were the opposite .
“The machine without a single vote cast, printed and allocated 118 votes to the APC
He further said .
“This also repeated itself in many councils across the state he added .
Speaking further, Mr. Alberah Catoh said in many units there were  brazen connivance between officials of  the electoral umpire and APC officials which had led to the manipulation and allocation of votes to APC. He concluded by saying that PDP will not accept the result of the  council  election.
Speaking in similar manner, Abdulrahman Usman, a stakeholder in the PDP, reiterated Catoh’s assertion that the poll was rigged.Usman alleged that at Limanci Ward only four Electronic Voting Machines out the available thirty-two were functioning ,claiming that it was a ploy to disenfranchised voters .
“I am telling you categorically that the APC has connived with KADSIECOM officials of rigging the election .
“At Igabi, 7 persons were gunned down while ballot boxes and other materials were carted away . In face of all these, the PDP strongly condemns the conduct of the poll and reject whatever result that is the outcome of this poll,he added