The Covenant Steps To Successful Career Ecclesiastes 9:10.

The Covenant Steps To Successful Career Ecclesiastes 9:10.

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By Pastor S O. Oladipo

It is not just one method or dimension that leads to success in career. There are many principles to be successful in your career. Both physical and spiritual methods will be considered in this teaching.

  • Have this understanding that Success in Career simply mean anything that you do or you are doing (Legally) that gives you joy, happiness, pleasure and peace or rest of mind.
  • A successful person is one who has peace of mind in what he/she does.
  • Your success is not measured by anyone but yourself one. And is also not by comparing yourself with another person, is only measure by yourself with what God have deposited in you. We can only stirred up the gift(s) of God in us by self word of God, self discovery and through godly examples of people who have succeeded but you don’t compare your with anybody because are special.
  • Many looked successful outwardly but they do not have joy, peace or rest of mind, be wise.
  • Do not do things that would bring you sorrow, Sadness, pain, troubles and at the end eternal condemnation all because of success in career or life. Your success here dose not what you missing God’s kingdom.

Some of the covenant steps to success are:

  1. You Must Have a Vision. Habakkuk 2:2-3.
  • To be successful in your career, you must have a vision, your aims and your core values.
  • Your vision determines what you do and how successful you will be come.
  • Write your vision down so that you can read them every time and this will energized to succeed in life.
  1. Having a clear direction of what you want to achieve with you career. ( Your goal shouldn’t be just to eat ). Ecclesiastes 10:15.

You must work in the direction of your goals and there would be many needs apart from food

What is your goal?
What do you have a goal?

The goal of Fountain of Living then, now Supernatural Dominion. Have a goal of buying land which was achieved by having a better understanding of what goal is about and through the help of God.

There are two types about goals

  • Targeted goal.
  • Actualized goal.

Targeted goal is the goal you have set to achieved at the end of specific time.

Actualized goal is what you have actually achieved during a particular period time.

  1. Be disciplined.
    For any man or any Organization that is not disciplined, it would not be easy for them to achieved success in life.

You must learn to discipline yourself, you must starve yourself for a while to achieve success in career.

You must discipline your children as well, you have to financially disciplined and prudent.

  1. Live a sacrificial life.

Be willing do a anything or give anything to achieve success. Sacrifice your time, your money, your strength, yourself to God in other to achieve success in your career. In sacrificing, please don’t compromise your faith.

  1. Be diligent – Hardworking.
    Prov 10:4, 12: 24, 13:4.

Be consistent, be hardworking in and be rejuvenated in all what you are doing . Similarly, do a review of what you are doing that is not well.
Review why you are not making gains or profit.
Working hard, being consistent and committed and you are faithful to your work success would come easily and effortlessly.

Know God and be Committed to him will give way to success in your life and career. I Chronicles 28:9.
Put your faith in God alone, is Him that bring success, increase, blessing etc. I Corinthian 3:6.

Pastor S.O.P Oladipo
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