Two families  in Kwara that have produced two Governors and 4 Senators.

Two families in Kwara that have produced two Governors and 4 Senators.

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The Saraki and Abdulganiyu Abdulrazak families are the two families that have been dominating Kwara state political space. The impact of the two families in Kwara states cannot be forgotten. The two families have produced four Senators, two Governors and two House of Representatives members.

Checkout the profile of the two families below:

The Saraki Family

The head of the Saraki family, in person of Olusola Saraki was a Constituent Assembly member in 1977 and in 1979 he attained the post of Senate leader. Moreover in 1983, he retained the same position.

Bukola Saraki

He ruled over Kwara state as an executive Governor for eight years (2003 to 2011). In 2011, he was elected as a Senator to represent Kwara Central in the Nigerian Senate house. Moreover, between 2015 and 2019, he served as the Senate President of Nigeria.

Gbemisola Saraki

She served as a member of house of Representatives in 1999. Few years later, she became a Senator of Kwara Central.

The Abdulrazak Family

The head of the Abdulrazak family is Abdulsaniyu Abdulrazak who was a member of Federal Council of Nigeria between 1964 to 1966. At the Federal Council, he served as Minister of state transportation.

Khairat Abdulrazak:

She served as Nigeria Senator between 1999 to 2003.Abdulrahman Abdulrazak: He is the present Governor of Kwara state

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