IPAN core mandate is to regulate public analysts

IPAN core mandate is to regulate public analysts

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“The Institute of Public Analysts of Nigeria, IPAN is an agency of the Federation Ministry’ of Health and a multi sectoral agency that was set up with the core mandates of providing training for individuals and organisations who are into providing training, examine and register members who are public analystregulate their practice.”

This was made known on Thursday by the Registrar /CEO, Fellow of Institute of Public Analyst (IPAN) Abuja, Alhaji Abdullahi Angara during hearing by House of Representatives oversight commitee on health chaired by Dr. Yusuf Tanko Sununu

He further explained that

“members of the Institute of Public Analysts of Nigeria who are registered by virtue of his/her knowledge, training, skill, competence and integrity, are authorized by law to analyse consumer and health-related products such as: Food, Drugs, Medical Devices, Cosmetics, Water, Chemicals, Chemically and Biologically-based Consumer Products.

Alhaji Angara also added that certificate issued by IPAN is a prima facie evidence tenable in any law court or tribunal in Nigeria regarding their composition, use, quality, safety and efficacy. He added that the certificate is an attestation of the composition, quality,safety and efficacy of products examined by a public analyst.

He also stated that other mandate of the agency is to determine what standard and skills of persons that want to be members, training and retraining of members .

He further started that the IPAN through its training workshops have generated employment opportunities for members . IPAN has also organised eight mandatory training programs for its members. In addition the International Standard Organization, ISO has given the agency a certificate of accreditation.

The Registrar rounded up by saying that,

“As of March this year, we have registered about 40 laboratories while over 30 are undergoing the process of registration and 6 analytical laboratories have been assisted to get International Standard Organization certificates.

Before the speech of the CEO of IPAN, the Chairman, House Commitee on Health Care Services, Dr. Tanko Sununu whose Commitee has the oversight function on IPAN explained that the whole excercise was to enhance accountablity, probity and to make sure that all records are properly kept”