Zamfara Uncovers 84 Bandits informants, sets to name them publicly

Zamfara Uncovers 84 Bandits informants, sets to name them publicly

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..As Bandits kill 5, wounded 7 in fresh attacks on mosque

By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Zanfara State indigenes have vowed to declared the names of 84 Bandits informants uncovered and publicly exposed them in one or two weeks to come
Leader of Coalition of Rescued Mission Zanfara State, Dr Suleiman Shuaibu Shinkafi disclosed this while briefing journalsts in kaduna on Bandits attacks which left five persons dead and seven others lying unconscious in hospital as a result of serious bullets wounds.
Dr. Shinkafi who lamented the surge in Bandits activities in the state explained that the 84 informants are all in Shinkafi Local Government area of the state, and vowed that nothing will stop the Coalition from naming them.
He said Bandits with Rockets Lancher invaded Mosque around 7oclock and open fire on the worshippers, killing four instantly in Shinkafi LG while eight other persons who sustained serious bullets wound were rushed to hospital, where one later died.

He also said that the Bandits promised to come back to destroyed the LG through a letter written to Shinkafi people by one of their leader claiming Turuji by name.

Dr. Shinkafi further stated that the rumour being peddled by some people that nothing happened in Zamfara State is untrue, he however explained that no Police station was attacked in Shinkafi LG as speculated.
According to him, the attacks occurred at the extreme end of the LG metropolis, adding that only police defense officers held of the incident.

The Coalition leader noted that even though laws enacted by the state Governor to check Bandits activities were okay and in order, it’s however required federal government support because the Governor has no control over security personnel.
He added that the Governor is not in charge of security and has no power to order the military, Police, DSS and other security operatives exception of President Buhari, calling for his intervention before Bandits rendered the entire Shinkafi LG useless.
Dr Shinkafi also said they know where the Bandits are hiding and are fully prepared to take the lead in going there to show the security Officers their hideout to finish them at once “otherwise Shinkafi LG would go extinction under the current threat.
“You know there’s no network in Zanfara now. We’ve alot of Bandits in Zamfara State now. The Bandits say they’ve 84 informants in Shinkafi. We know some of them and very soon we’re going to declared their names publicty to pressmen.
“We cannot cover them when they’re committing atrocities, killing our people. We’ll surely call their names, list them and submit to FG. I want to tell the informants today, that in less than one or two weeks from now i am going to name them even If you’re my father. I know a lots of them with their dossier at hands. We’ve concluded our investigation and we’ve a lots of evidences connecting them to the informants to the Bandits”, he said.
Dr Shinkafi continue that ” like me here, I know about 7 of them, and I am ready to expose them. They want to laised with Bandits to finish our people in the community”.

He also said the Coalition is holding stakeholders meeting soon, where it’ll call on journalists and exposed all the informants.
“We’ll write their names in a list and submit to the state and federal governments to take action by arresting them. On why it takes this long to come out to want to name them, he said We’ve finished investigation about six months ago. We’ve to do that and get evidences to sure before exposing them. The informants are living very big , an executive lives. FG and state may not know them but we the indigenes know them and ready name them. Their cups are full. I personally will not spare them even if others would not, even if it’ll endanger my life I don’t care. It’s a sacrifice. Heroes like late Awolowo, Zik, Sardauna others made sacrifice”, he vowed.
On if governments refused to arrest and prosecute the informants, Shinkafi, a member of Police security commission said, he wouldn’t mine to dragged federal and state governments to ECOWAS court for not prosecuting them.
According to he has to employed the services of heavy security men to be able to smuggled his mother, sisters and other family members from the area to kaduna state due to heighten insecurity in Shinkafi.

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