Reasons why Niger State is rehabilitating roads

Reasons why Niger State is rehabilitating roads

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Senator Abdullahi Aliyu Sabi representing Niger North at the 9th Assembly has been speaking on the recent crisis that rendered some federal roads impassable in his state.

Senator Sabi revealed that the origin of the impasse originated from Bida – Minna highway. The Senator revealed that the Bida- Minna way was in a very bad state which led to the state government undertaking the reconstruction of the route.
“As a result, the Bida- Minna express way was blocked to prevent trucks from plying it.

“The deplorable state of the road led to the State Government obtaining a loan from the World Bank under the Rural Access Road Loan to fix the road. However, truck and trailer drivers got infuriated and blocked other roads.

“Nonetheless, by Thursday last week, the truck and trailer drivers reached an agreement with the State Government and removed the blockade so that other commuters could move freely, the Law Maker Futher explained.

Senator Sabi also explained that Niger State is at the centre of the country and a major link between the North and South of the country.

“As the result of the central location of the state, passengers and vehicles that move from Kaduna, Kano to Lagos must go through Niger.

Those moving from Enugu to Sokoto must go through Niger and in most cases, the vehicles plying these routes are heavy duty vehicles overloaded with goods .This itself, had caused a lot of damage to these roads.

Senator Sabi also revealed that on top of that, the roads which are mainly Federal roads have suffered long period of neglect. He further explained that the sections of the Jebba- Mokwa axis are going to collapse any moment. The Mokwa Bokpani, Gada Kassanga are in states of disrepair.
He revealed that the Federal Government requires over N300 billion to repair these roads.

He added that if the Federal Government did not take actions, further damages would occur which would require more than the initial estimated amount.

The Niger born Law maker also said that all these made the state government to obtain Loans to repair these roads.

On the part of the Senate, he added that the body had granted the prayers of the law makers from the state that the Federal Government should as a matter of urgency undertake the repairs of the roads in Niger State

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