The Heightened Notoriety of Lukman of the Bullets of the Harmless Rabbit Media Team(BHR)

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Ozimah Joseph

The accute Borderline Personality Disorder of Lukman is getting worse everyday as occasioned by his obsession about Chief Dan Orbih. When you cannot measure with some people in life, when you don’t have a a known background, when you can’t point to where you are coming from…you tend to loath those who are far beyond you, and this has manifested evidently as a mental health problem in Lukman, the two-faced tramp.

There is none of his now weak snippets and articles he would not mention the name of Chief Dan Orbih as if his life depends on the name. He is bitter just like his political playmates seeing Chief Dan Orbih rising and protecting the PDP brand in the state from being taken over by hawks. Yes, the man is rising with flying colours, he is at the heart of PDP at the national level having meetings with the best of the best in the party while this ungrateful elements are bitter writing nonsense fueled by the those we know, which no single individual in Edo State except the gullible are buying. Their combine failure to see that Edo State moves forward is their failures as nothing of note on infrastructural development has been recorded in the past 5 years even when they were in APC.

Go to River State, Wike commisions projects weekly. The governor of Borno State, in spite of the activities of Boko Haram, has signature projects – we can see world class classrooms as against delipidated school structures littering Edo State without teachers in spite of EdoBest program. All the people see are hollow MOU and paperworks reforms.

Lukman can, if he has a conscience, show us in any of his rapturous posts what development has been done in his village, ward or LGA under this regime of wake and sleep.

In his last article in response to what I wrote, he claimed that majority of appointments left are baits for harmonization and subsequent concession to the old PDP. How thoughtless this is coming from a new PDP, the messenger of the government. What a blackmail to hoodwink the old PDP to submission! Let Lukman know that the old PDP have made its resolve; Obaseki and Philip should go with their appointments, we are not going to compromise our stands. The PDP Exco is indivisible. Lukman is not ashamed of himself, he is still talking of harmonization when the new PDP took the offices of the governor, deputy, SSG, CoS, DCoS and eleven commissioners with two Senior Assistance. Who does this in equity and justice? Ask Lukman which old PDP stakeholder was carried along in this appointments so far, even the chairman of the party who is supposed to make input was never told anything. Not even the serving senators and house of representives are being carried along…the government acts as a ruling despot that is blindfolded.

Its laughable the rabble rousing Lukman talked about Chief Dan Orbih, and that he will have the ‘undying spirit, pride and resilience of the Edo people to contend with when 2023 and 2024’ comes even when the visionless government is already contending with the people with its dictatorial tendencies through non-performance, forced vaccination and other failures. The Civil society has forewarned that if the government does not stop its unlawful acts, the EndSars Protests that rocked the state when palliatives meant for the people where hidden to rot by this insensitive government, would be a child’s play. Peaceful protest against this government has started and it is becoming an embarrassment to the PDP brand. Lukman should go to the street to see how much of the goodwill of the people has been squandered, in villages, towns, markets, homes, schools… Go to Benin, lands are being revoked or destroyed by the government for no just reasons, people are being locked out of office for not taking vaccines yet, the streets are flooded, no street lights, no LGA elections…

For his notice, Chief Dan Orbih is not going to contest elections in 2023 or 2024, he has a secured national office that will run for the next four years. However, Chief Dan Orbih will not sit idle while the PDP he nutured will be overran by these ungrateful elements who has not changed their spots with the manner the left APC.

We all know what is fueling this attack against Chief Dan Orbih – partly the ambition of Philip Shaibu who wish to run for the governor of Edo State without anything to show for it as per development. He would need to contend with the undying spirit of the Esan people who have been favoured in the spirit of zoning, he will need to contend with their homogenousness as a people, he will need to contend with their resilience of being in PDP all these years since 1999 under the leadership of Late Chief Tony Anenih…we would like to see how Philip Shaibu will be able to overturn the zoning formula in PDP since he is coming from APC without rules and regulations, without the spirit of fairness and justice, without consultations and equity…the Esan people tower above Philip who is not popular anywhere in Edo State.

Someone who lost election in his LGA to the raging forces of the Oshiomhole’s formidable footsoldiers want to be the governor of Edo State.. how laughable! What he sees is people coming around him as galvanized by his office, not natural followers. He does not have structures in Edo North Senatorial District talk more across the state. A Benin man will rather support an Esan man who are blood related according to history rather than Philip considering the fact that Oshiomhole just finished 8 years rule from the same senatorial district. Where is his sense of justice and equity?

So Philip hates the Esan people who gave their support with 5 LGA based on the Esan Agenda? Philip will fail to court even the Akoko-Edo and Owan people who already feel shortchanged in the scheme of things in Edo North. Where exactly is Philip going to build his followership except through Lukman with his now worthless write-ups of Harmless Rabbit Hole Media Frailties? Has he not been reading how people from all parts of the social media have been attacking him whenever he post? Was that how it was before and during the election? Does he know how to do appraisal?

Lets see if the governor will be able to impose Philip on the people. The Cacophony of Lukman will be drowned come 2023 and 2024 when the long drawn swords of the Edo State people who voted for Obaseki and Philip will be used to slit their political ties with the same people having squandered the goodwill of the people.