Morally sound family value will guarantee peace, harmony in Nigeria – WOPIN

Morally sound family value will guarantee peace, harmony in Nigeria – WOPIN

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By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

An NGO, Women for Peace in Nigeria (WOPIN) has observed that a morally sound families with core value would guaranteed peaceful coexistence and harmonous relationship among Nigerians.

The organisation’s National President (Dr) Mrs Maryam C. Abdullahi made the observation in a keynote address at the National Prayer Conference held in Calabar, Cross River state.

Organized by South-South Zone of the body, the prayer conference was part of WOPIN contribution towards nation building and “complimenting efforts consistently being made by government and good people of Nigeria to achieve peace, unity and harmonous relationship in a rancour free society or atmosphere”.

“This programme which commenced with rally, as you are all aware, is organised by WOPIN families as part of our own contribution towards nation building.
“The prayer is also geared towards complimenting the efforts consistently being made by the government and good people of Nigeria to achieve greatness under a rancour free atmosphere”, she said
Mrs Maryam also stated that WOPIN is a household name and an age long NGO, founded with the sole aim to work towards building peace and unity through the instrumentality of family values.
“Therefore, the importance of this programme “National Prayer Conference” organised by WOPIN cannot be over emphasized giving the reality of the current security challenges our country is being faced.
According to her, the theme of the conference: “Nigerian is Our Hope, Make us an Instrument of Your Peace”, was deliberately choosing to incorcates the spirit of hope and oneness among the diverse population with different ethnics and religious background.
“For us as women of peace, it’s our firm believe and convintion that projecting a morally sound families with core value would go a long way in instilling peaceful coexistence and harmonous relationship.

“Nigeria can only enjoy relative peace and development when core value systems are projected, strengten and sustained by various families that constituted the larger society call Nigeria.

“Infractions such as moral decadem in families in terms of improper upbringings of children is not only harmful and counterproductive, the multiplier effect on the dynamic communities within the value chain brought the country to the present condition we’ve found ourselves.
“And the only solution to this contending issues lies in prayers, which is the basic reason we’ve all gathered here today to showcase.

“Peace open doors for better economy, therefore peace is not just prayer but the whole.

“Every Nigerian, irrespective of tribes and religion knows the prosperity in peaceful society without which no genuine development could take place.

“Indeed, peace, it’s always said “ls the greatest assets”, everybody, especially women and children need it. Even the very rich people also seek and invest in peace to be able to thrives.
“Absence of peace is nothing but state of chaos and an instability, which is not the respecter of humanity no matter the status.

“A typical example is the President of Afghanistan who was taken to another country seeking refuge due to instability in his country home, despite all the security apparatus around him.

“You could imagine what would’ve happened if it were the vulnerable people like us especially women and children.

“Therefore we’re willing to take advantage of every opportunity to sow prayers as seed for peace through the efforts of those present here and even those who could not be able to make it up be this place today.

“The mere fact that you’re here in this conference clearly demonstrated and proved your interest and love for peace. And truly, you want peace and your therefore opposed to violence.