Supernatural increase and multiplication

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Supernatural increase and multiplication
By: Pastor SOP Oladipo of Supernatural Dominion Bible Ministry, Buwaya Gonin Gora
Text Gen 1 vs 24 
– When you continue to lay emphasis on increase in your life,

– it is God’s desire for us to increase in all spheres of life 
– Spiritual increase means one being sensitive in your environment such as your office, your family, your immediate surroundings .
– That area you live , that career and office you hold , there are people that are covering them and they have gone to a great length to get them . Thus you need to b spiritual .
We need God’s increase in 
1 – spiritual life 
2- Physical life 
3- In the office 

Act 10 vs 38- Spiritual is connected to two sources that Makes to be connected  and for wonders to done .
Holy Spirit 
When you re spiritual, no devil can rope your head, plan against you and they survive.
When you re spiritual, no one can go to a babalawo for your sake and emerges victorious 
When you re active in the realm of the spirit, you take your rightful position- you will excell in your career, your marriage and your finances.
Go to school ,get information -If you re a pepper seller ,go to school and get more know-how about how to sell that pepper .
Increase yourself by getting those things that would make you to increase in your physical life .
Do not appear dirty, add value to life by appearing good looking, neat and intelligent.
Your Supernatural increase must reflect in your business, your careers and social life 

Package yourself, increase your physical life and meet people that you need to see to elevate your life .

How is your approach to business, your career , your education and your sources of money ?
You need God to increase you in all aspects of your life 


God in every areas of my life increase me 
I don’t to live a life of penury increase my financial life in Jesus Name
Lord I need increase in my spiritual life 

Lord increase my physical life .
Lord I want to be developed 
Going back to school is not a crime, I want to go back to school