My Chief Dan Orbih’s 60th Birthday Anniversary Takeaways

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  1. Those who love Chief Dan Orbih do so because he is very powerful and exudes so much power in spite of his gentle disposition, those who hate him do so without actually knowing him.
  2. The manner and ways he was celebrated by all and sundry, even by his political enemies, shook the whole Edo State and people beyond. The social media was totally overwhelmed. As at midnight yesterday, his personal post on Facebook where he said today was his birthday, he had over 750 goodwill message, the highest in recent times for a politician. And when the Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki posted on his Facebook page wishing Chief a happy birthday, he had well over 100 comments, mostly positive comments. And for over 6 months, that’s the highest positive comments he has received, others used to garner over 300 comments, 90% of them attacking him whenever he post them.
  3. The arrays of people at the birthday go to show how much he is accepted in spite of the peddled narratives intended to malign him. The common people all over the state were there with him while the high and mighty also came to show solidarity. Some people actually traveled from all parts of Edo State to attend the birthday celebration; from Akoko-Edo, Etsako, Owan, Esan to Benin…it was like the coronation of a king. The likes of Saraki, Atiku, Udom, Wike, Makinde…all made the A list who were there present to physically felicitate with him. What else could one ask for? The Deputy Governor, Phillip Shaibu and Pastor Izi-Iyamu, who one will think are his political rivals both flew to Abuja to attend and flew back the same yesterday. One thing it shows is the political bitterness, as aided, it meant for foot-soldiers to carry the it in their heads.
  4. As of after midday, when Governor Godwin Obaseki had not sent his birthday anniversary message, most willing sycophants and supporters, even political office holders in the state were afraid to send because they felt their messages would be monitored and the governor and their chances for re-elections will be in jeopardy. Funny enough, the governor failed them, although he didn’t attend, him and his wife sent a congratulatory message with a well designed graphic work for Chief. It was after then most politicians now mustered the will to be sending their own. This goes to show one thing; most of these politicians are not as strong and resolute as you will think, their actions are based on what will please the governor because they think he will surely have a say in their aspirations. So when they see white, when they see what is unconstitutional, when they see the truth, they call it black.
  5. It is only those who are not truthful to themselves that wish not to know or accept the political rift between the governor and Chief Dan Orbih. It is nothing personal. The truth is, the governor has not been fair with the old PDP in matters of appointments so far, and as a leader with large following, even forget the toga of ‘i am the leader’, Chief Dan Orbih i know cannot fold his hands and look away while the people who helped him to hold the party for these over 10 years in the opposition to be so treated. Any leader that will accept such a treatment is not a leader at all. Let the truth be told. Chief does not have anything to contest for in Edo State and cannot seek for an appointment too. However, for the sake of his die-hard party members who stood with the party when most of those who now want to call the shots in PDP decamped to APC after the party lost in 2007, he can’t afford to fail them. It is not only legally wrong for governor Obaseki to be asking for the excos of the state, it is morally wrong. The initial expectation was that he will share the all the available appointments with the old PDP, and in turn, the old PDP will share the excos with him. That was exactly what Chief Dan Orbih stood for until that understanding was neglected by the governor. No politician of Chief’s status who is known as a man of the people will do that. We can recall this kind of political situation happened in Benue and Sokoto States, it was out of fair and just dealing from both sides that made it seemless and amicable.
  6. Why were people from all works of life so drawn to the 60th Birthday Anniversary of Chief Dan Orbih while other notable politicians don’t enjoy such? To me, it is his disposition. Call him, he will pick your calls even if he does not have the number stored. If he does have your number, and he is not disposed to pick, he will call you back. Try to visit him as a party member, his doors are widely open, and depending on his pockets, you might take something home. During festivals like Christmas, he sends cash gifts to party loyalists, some he has never met before. He contributes his quota to finance the Party at all levels especially now that the governor has stopped to finance the Dr. Anthony Aziegbemi led exco because of the political tension in the state.
  7. Chief Dan Orbih is not a political lightweight or a pushover. He has the experience, he knows what the constitution says and he fights legally…no gira gira. Don’t take his gentleness as weakness. He plays the game like a Chessmaster, before your next move, he knows it and he checks it with the power of the Court, the place were issues are resolved amicably. You can never see him supporting thuggery…he is ready to Institute hundreds of cases without any physical fight. Of course, he went to the late Chief Anthony Anenih’s College of Participatory Politics and got a PhD.
  8. It is unfortunate that the party is where we are today but I am requesting if we could use this occasion of his birthday to drop our guns and bullets so that we can embrace peace. Let’s use this celebration as a rallying point for peace in the party.

Once again, I wish the Kulukulu of Africa a resounding birthday anniversary, being 60 and strong is not easy.