Georgian Cup: El-Amin, Rubicon Thrills Spectators  At Kaduna Polo

Georgian Cup: El-Amin, Rubicon Thrills Spectators At Kaduna Polo

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Two highly explosive Georgian Cup matches kept Polo lovers sell bound on Tuesday at the ongoing 2021 Kaduna International Polo Tournament.

In the first match of the day, new entrants Badako Zaz shocked defending champions El-Amin and 14-time winners of the trophy, winning the game by a lone victory.

Badako put up a good show against hard fighting El-Amin to win the game 7-6.

In the first chukka, Badako Zaz stole the show, seeing it end 2-1.

The new entrants doubled efforts in the second chukka and added three goals to their tally, with El-Amin harvesting one, ending that chukka 5-2.

In the third chukka, Badako Zaz lost steam, while El-Amin gathered momentum and scored two, ending it 5-4.

The fourth chukka saw both teams score one goal apiece, ending 6-5.

Badako Zaz increased their tally to 7 in the fifth chukka, while El-Amin maintained 5.

In the sixth and deciding chukka of the high goal match, efforts by El-Amin to level up failed as they were only able to score one, making it 7-6.

In the second Georgian match for the day, Rubicons had to sweat hard to subdue familiar foes, Malcomines.

A two-goal advantage prior to commencement of the game made Rubicon to trail Malcomines at the end of the first chukka 2-3.

In the second chukka, businesslike Rubicon scored three, their opponents Malcomines scored one, ending it 5-4.

Rubicon scored another three in the third Chukka Rubicon, with Malcomines failing to make a shot on target, ending that chukka, 8-4.

A goals drought was witnessed in the fourth chukka as the scoreboard read Rubicon 8, Malcomines 4 when it ended.

In the fifth chukka, Malcomines stole the show as they scored two impressive goals, ending it 8-6.

In the sixth and deciding chukka, as the sun was setting, both teams struggled under the intruding night sky to no avail. However, Rubicon slid two into the post, ending the game 10-6.