Save Idoma Language from Extinction Project

Save Idoma Language from Extinction Project

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Mike Odeh James

Daily Updates Newspaper Correspondent, Mike Odeh James Spoke to Michael Ochigbo Ogwuche the Convener of Save Idoma Language From Extinction Project on the objectives and aim of his project …..


Our idea is aimed at addressing the urgent need to sustain the Idoma native language beyond this generation via the introduction of Idoma language learning materials deployed in handbooks, mobile phone apps, Realtime computer based interactive systems etc for teaching the IDOMA language ………..


QUESTION: Have there been efforts in the past to promote the Idoma language?

ANSWER: Yes, there have been series of efforts over the years to develop a body of literature to promote the learning of the Idoma Language. These have however not achieved the desired level of interest from the people.

QUESTION: Why in your opinion is Idoma still in the index of extinction despite these interventions?

ANSWER: Remember that we have over 14 different dialects that make up the Idoma language. Though the similarities between the dialects are by far more than the differences, except for a few of them, these differences are however held dearly and jealously by the different adherents. Extensive insight has shown that we have not managed this diversity properly. The literal works to promote the language at different times have been either in one dialect or a combination of some. With the age of Global ethnic nationalism and consciousness, each of the disparate dialects have tried to promote their individual dialects and have resisted the adoption of one dialect as prescribed by the earlier efforts. They have viewed it as an attempt to impose one dialect on theirs, and this suspicion has been responsible for the decline in Idoma language,

QUESTION: What approach are you proposing?

ANSWER: We at THE IDOMA PROJECT have carried out a survey across speakers of the different dialects to generate insight into how this problem can be surmounted. We found out that majority of the respondents were more attached to their dialect than a general Idoma that is an admixture of dialects. They were mostly disposed to promote Idoma language if presented in their dialects. We therefore arrived at the conclusion that, in order to promote and save Idoma language from extinction, we need to promote and amplify the different dialects. This will resonate with the people and bring them together to promote Idoma language. The assemblage of the different dialects with their cultures and diversities will be offered a common platform and unleashed as a force of reckon.

QUESTION: How are you going to do this?

ANSWER: We are putting together a book on translations from English to 14 dialects in Idoma land. This has been painstakingly done so that the speakers of each of the dialects will have in one book a reference material that shows the vast similarities in the translations and also the areas where differences exist.

QUESTION: Why 14, Is it 14 dialects that we have in Idoma land?

ANSWER: We just started the project with these 14, we know there are more than 14 dialects. Other dialects will get into subsequent editions.

QUESTION: What are the 14 dialects that you have started with?

ANSWER: They are,

  1. Agatu
  2. Agila
  3. Akweya
  4. Ochekwu
  5. Edumoga
  6. Ichama
  7. Igede
  8. Igumale
  9. Okpoga
  10. Otukpa
  11. Otukpo
  12. Orokam
  13. Owukpa
  14. Ufia

QUESTION: Give us a general idea of the book

ANSWER: It is 77 pages full colored book with pictorial illustrations for ease of learning and teaching. This module one has mainly one words of various items, parts of the body, numbers and greetings. Module 2 will follow next year with short sentences building on words appreciated from module 1. Module 3 will be short stories woven around the earlier modules.

QUESTION: When do we expect this unique book?

ANSWER: The book will be unveiled and launched by God’s grace on December 27th 2021 at Apa Gate Hotel Hall in Otukpo.

See you there!!!

For further information 08103770377