Hon. Abbas enumerates the benefits of CPA Conference to Nigeria

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By Bashir Bello, Abuja

Hon Tajudeen Abbas of the House of Representatives has enumerated the benefits that Nigeria stand to gain by attending the 51st annual conference of Commonwealth Parliamentary Association.

Hon. Abbas who spoke to journalists on the sidelines of the ongoing CPA Conference currently going in Abuja, November 11, 2021, said that since lawmakers from different parts of the African continent are converging in Abuja, it will be an added advantage to Nigerian lawmakers in the sense of acquiring more legislative knowledge.

The lawmaker also added CPA Conference would delibrate on how to tackle the issue the Corona virus pandemic

The legislator said;

“There are a lot of things to be derived the cross fertilization of ideas, legal on parliamentary practices in other parts of the common world in Africa and the issues of covid-19 pandemic as it affects the parliamentary system in Africa are some of the major benefits that we intend or stand to benefit in this particular conference.

” It’s going to be quite fulfilling, is going to be quite an issue the topic that we will discuss and the interactive section will be something that will be very mutually beneficiary to all participants

Hon. Abbas also explained the absence of Senators in the meeting adding that, CPA conference for Africa region is meant for only members of the House of Representatives while the CPA International is headed by the Senate President and exclusively meant for the Senators.

He further explained that the CPA Africa region conference was supposed to be held last year and was cancelled due to the ravaging corona virus pandemic.

He said;

“If you look at the arrangement of this association, the Common Wealth Parliamentary Association, it suppose to be dominated exclusively by the house of representatives where the speaker of the house of representatives supposed to be the head and the international wings of the CPA is supposed to be headed by the Senate president.

“So, that is how it is and that explains why you don’t see senators on this, is more or less exclusive reserved of the members of house of assembly.

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