8 Things You Should Avoid Doing After Eating

8 Things You Should Avoid Doing After Eating

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What you do after eating is just like what you do when eating. We are in a very busy world where a meal is just a scheduled checkpoint of the day. Today, workaholics are more common than ever. Regardless of what we’ve to do, we just get through our food without really enjoying it. There are certain things you do after eating that can be detrimental to your health. Some of them include;

1. Loosening your belt

After eating, you are tempted to lose your belt but don’t do it because it is detrimental to your health. Loosening it might help as you’re not yet done with all the courses of the meal. However, this can prove quite hazardous as it causes problems indigestion. It may cause your intestines to twist. Even if you want to do this, leave it to a few minutes after eating. 

2. Sleeping

This might sound good to the ears but this act is not healthy after eating. Your body is unlikely to digest your meal when you’re asleep, which explains the feeling. Even if you feel like sleeping, leave it for some minutes after eating. 

3. Smoking

Health experts have asserted that smoking one cigarette after a meal is equal to smoking ten otherwise. Regardless of whether this is conjecture, with all the risks involved, do you want to be smoking after every meal? Smoking is generally detrimental to many organs in the body hence avoid smoking. 

4. Bathing

This might sound weird but it’s true. Bathing after a meal is not conducive to digestion. Blood tends to flow to other parts of the body other than the stomach during a shower. Hence, it’s best to avoid ablutions until the meal is truly digested. You can still take your bath some hours after eating. 

5. Eating Fruits

This is a common habit many people exhibit but it’s weird. Our body is wired in ways we cannot imagine. Did you know that alcohol gets digested before food? Likewise, fruit is digested before other sorts of food. Hence, fruit after a meal is not a good idea. You do not want to give your digestive system the gift of fruit while it’s in the process of breaking down your meal. It might lead to improper digestion. If you must eat fruits, try and do that before eating. 

6. Drinking Tea

The habit of drinking tea after eating is also wrong. Tea leaves are renowned to be acidic, which impedes the digestive process. Protein from your meal will be hampered by the acid, making it difficult to digest. Furthermore, tea is likely to infringe on iron absorption. Hence, it’s best to stay clear of tea immediately before and after a meal. If you must take your tea, wait till some minutes after digestion. 

7. Walking immediately

So many people feel there are too busy to remain calm after eating but this is bad. So many people believe that walking immediately after a meal can work marvels for burning calories. Hence, it is used the world over as an exercise regime. However, research has shown that any form of physical activity after a meal promotes indigestion and acid reflux. Try to sit down and relax after eating. 

8. Drinking cold water

So many people do this but do not know the effect it has on the body. Drinking cold water after a meal can lead to poor digestion. It can induce the food to bind closely, making it difficult for absorption. This leads to problems absorbing nutrients and separating waste. Drink water at moderate temperature immediately after eating.