Health Conditions That Can Cause Erectile Disfunction In Men

Health Conditions That Can Cause Erectile Disfunction In Men

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Many men find it difficult to fulfill their conjugal obligations with their spouse. This could be highly frustrating and humiliating. Many men for this reason visit medicine stores every evening to seek help. This is equally not good.

I want to reveal to you that if you are having this problem, don’t resort to temporary solutions like buying aphrodisiacs regularly. It is important to consult a doctor for necessary tests because a lot of other medical conditions may be responsible for this.4

I want to highlight some medical conditions that may cause erectile disfunction In Men:

1. Diabetes.

One initial sign of diabetes is erectile disfunction ( ED) . When you begin to notice this regularly, please check your blood sugar level. Early diagnosis of diabetes helps a lot in it’s treatment.

2. High blood pressure.

Not many people go to hospital from time to time for medical check ups. For this reason, many people with high blood pressure do not know that they have the condition.

High blood pressure may affect the blood vessels and cause ED in men.

3. Arteriosclerosis.

Arteriosclerosis is a disease which affects the nerves making them stiffer and narrower and incapable of carrying enough blood. It is one of the common causes of high blood pressure and stroke.

4. Heart diseases.

Heart health is closely related to penile health. If you are not aged and you begin to experience ED, don’t ignore it or resort to temporary solutions like over the counter medications. They be significant of heart problems.

5. Prostrate problems.

Semen is produced in the prostrate. Problems in the prostrate may affect a man’s erection. So try to find out the main reason why you are having ED if you are having it.

Also bear in mind that age may affect ED. Most men above 40,also experience it occasionally. So if you experience it occasionally it is not a problem.

7. Metabolic syndrome.

This refers to health conditions characterized by high blood sugar levels, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol levels and fat around the waist region.

People suffering from metabolic syndrome have a high chance of having ED.

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