7 things a woman must do to keep her marriage safe, sound

7 things a woman must do to keep her marriage safe, sound

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Every married woman wishes to have a happy and successful marriage. A woman must play an important part in order for a marriage to work. Marrying the man of your dreams does not ensure a long-lasting marriage. In this region of the world, women are seen as home builders. To be successful in this duty, she should have some weapons to help keep her home in good condition. 

Love is the core of all relationships, but it is insufficient to make your marriage succeed. They are some females who did not marry the love of their lives, but these weapons held their marriage together. Use the weapons I’m about to reveal to strengthen the love in your home. They are as follows:

1. Prayer as a weapon: The first and most important weapon is prayer. Seek the face of God first in your marriage. Always ask God for the wisdom you’ll need to build your house.

2. The weapon of respect: In case you didn’t know, respect is the most important thing a man needs in any relationship. If you do not respect your husband, your marriage may not last.

3. The love weapon: You should never stop loving your husband. Unconditional love endures for a very long time. Affection for your home should come after God.

4. The dressing weapon: Some brides fail to use this weapon in their marriages. Always remember that what men see moves them. Being married to you has had no effect on your man. He still expects you to dress the way you did when you were dating. Stop dressing like an elderly lady at home.

5. The weapon of hard work: The first thing you can do to show your devotion is cook for your man. The more he eats your food, the more he falls in love with you. Also, avoid being a full-time housewife. Don’t put the entire financial weight of the house on your husband. You should also make a contribution by working.

6. The weapon of content: Always be content with your man in everything. Don’t compare your house to anyone else’s.

7. The trust weapon: Learn to trust your partner at all times. Try to hear him out before drawing conclusions based on what others have said. 

What more weapons do you believe should be included in the list? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section and spread the word about this article.

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