What men before and after 40 can do to prevent chronic sicknesses

What men before and after 40 can do to prevent chronic sicknesses

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¶ Regular exercise, this must be graduated and suitable for your health/social status – stop eating hides and skin “kpomo” it’s a slow killer.

¶ Observe regularly siesta, even if you don’t fall asleep, just have a quiet time, put off your phone or put it in silence mode while observing siesta.

¶ Always sleep on the same bed with your spouse even if you do not have intention of having making love with her. It has a lot of benefits, it reduces stress hormone (cortisol) level.

¶ As much as possible, sleep on your left side when sleeping especially at night, this helps to drain the system of toxic substances through the lymphatic system.

¶ Do not immediately rise on your feet after you wake up from sleep especially at night, remain on your sleeping position for (20- 30 sec) even if you are pressed, then rise to a sitting position for same time, then you can stand up and walk. This helps to prevent sudden brain damage that could lead to stroke.

¶ Have regular sex; 2-3 times a week is recommended. Making love is more beneficial than having sex. This has a lot of health benefits ranging from your heart, prostate, brain etc

¶ Avoid cold bath as much as possible it should be warm. This also helps in reducing chances of stroke/heart attack.

¶ Go on nutrition and its supplementations, with Strong antioxidants. in addition to these, ladies are expected to be on regular Calcium supplement especially before and after menopause, this helps in minimising osteoporosis as a result of bone leaching that women experience post menopause. A condition that most mistake to be rheumatism.

¶ Know your body mass index (BMI) and work towards maintaining ideal BMI (20 – 25 kg/m square). If not done, this has a lot of health implications ranging from sudden death, metabolic disorder like diabetes; Cardiovascular disorders like hypertension, heart attack, stroke; infertility problems like an ovulation in females; Neuromuscular problems like rheumatism; & Respiratory distress amongst others. You see that there are a whole lots of problems if you don’t keep fit. Obesity is not a sign of good living but ill health.

¶ Drink a lot of water (Luke warm) in a day, 2 to 3 litres of water per day can help in keeping your system adequately hydrated and helps your kidneys function properly.

¶ Cut down your stress level both physical/mental/psychological/emotional and take time out for recreational activities especially those that will make you happy/laugh.

¶ Avoid social poisons like kolanut, cigarettes, energy drinks, alcohol/alcoholic drinks, though some schools of thought say certain % of alcohol per day is good for the heart. Note that bitter kola is highly medicinal and it’s good for our health, particularly for females. It’s a powerful anti oxidant, it helps to prevent all forms of malignancies be it cancer of the breast, cervix, prostate e.t.c, it helps to improve male sexual performance, slows aging process, reduces severity of rheumatism, slows process of dementia/amnesia, helps to prevent diabetes mellitus/ diabetic complications in diabetic individuals, prevent/slow the growth of fibroids and a whole lots.

¶ Avoid caffeinated beverages like Milo, Bournvita etc. Go for green tea.

¶ Avoid processed foods as much as possible like noodles, pasta, can foods etc.

¶ Avoid sitting on a spot beyond two hours max., stand and walk around after one and half or max two hours of sitting. It’s for the health of your GIT – gastro intestinal tract. More so it avert the chances of hemorrhoid (pile).

¶ Minimise sugar including honey, yes HONEY! It will eventually give you that same problem that made you stop sugar, it will only take a longer time.

*Have a routine health check-up

*Always imbibe the culture of preventive measure.

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