FOMWAN Committee Chair Proffers Solutions To Security Challenges

FOMWAN Committee Chair Proffers Solutions To Security Challenges

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Bashir Bello Abuja

Federation of Muslims Women Association of Nigeria, FOMWAN has decried the persistent rate of kidnappings of School children, Banditry and other forms of criminality that is confront the nation as of today.

According Mrs Farida Yusuf who is the Committee Chair of Good Governance, Youths and Gender Matters under the umbrella of FOMWAN spoke to pressmen at the sidelines of the press conference held in Abuja by National Amirah of Muslim Women in Nigeria.

Mrs Yusuf said the conference held by the two associations was informed by the growing security challenges, the threat it posed to national cohesive and the seeming inability of the Federal Government to keep the situation under control.

She added as mothers, they felt aggrieved and challenged by constant bloodletting, kidnapping and therefore, they came together as Muslim women associations to proffer solutions to the security quagmire.

She said,

“I would not say that the Federal Government is not trying, but anytime you wake up in the morning, you will hear on the news that several school children have been abducted or several persons have been killed

” Our solutions if the government would in all honesty apply them, these challenges would go away forever .
She explained further that,

The Government must convene a meeting of all critical stakeholders in the country.

This include religious clerics, chairmen of Local Government Areas, Councillors, District Heads and village chiefs.

Mrs Yusuf added that most of the criminality takes places at the grassroot level so, if the grassroots leaders are called upon to proffer solutions, criminality would be eradicated.

Responding to a question on state of security along Kaduna Abuja expressway, she further lamented the resurgence of kidnappers on that particular way urging that the government should strength the number of security personnel on the highway.

Furthermore, the Muslim woman activist decried the high cost of air transport from Abuja to Kaduna, saying that the Federal Government should ensure that prices of transportation is properly regulated so that persons wishing to travel by air, road or rail could do so.

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