IMC, others storm Kaduna secondary schools on peace campaign

IMC, others storm Kaduna secondary schools on peace campaign

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By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Peace and interfaith mediation workers on Wednesday sormed secondary schools in Kaduna on Peace and unity campaign amongst students and teachers on the need to leave in peace and unity with one another irrespective of their background.

The Peace group which comprises reprentatives of the various organizations including peace Commission, Interfaith Mediation Centre, IMC, among others sought for the unity and peace amongst the students, adding that no meaningful development could take place in chaotic situation.

Most of the representative who addressed the students and teaching staffs in their class rooms harps on the important of peaceful coexistence, stressing that their would be no conducive learning atmosphere if teachers and students lacks understanding of themselves.

In an interview at the end of the visiting, the Programme Director for Community Initiative to promote peace, and co-executive Director IMC, Rev. Dr James M. Wuye said the outing was necessitated by the early warning they’ve seen among young people going out to attacks one another,
especially when holiday and exams seasons are about commencing.
“The warning we’ve seen among young people going out to attack each other especially when holiday and exam seasons are about commencing.
“They also come out to where there are young ladies with dangerous weapon. “Sometimes with knives or daggers.
“We’ve situations whereby sometime young ladies approached by the boys for relationship are intimidated and are not allowed to come to school.
“There are instances they’re beating up and not allowed to come to school. They go to waylay and attack them.

“We know that this gangsterism which started among the young people is dangerous thing and if not nip on the bud would escalated into making them, even though, not like terrorists ot cultists, but they’re begining to cluster around those nects.

“And we feel it’s a dangerous thing that’s why we’re partnering with journalsts for Peace in kaduna and elstwhere to call their attention to it to draw the state and non state actors, and parents to ensure that the children are well guided, thought and well discipline”, he said
He also said that “Because we know that we cannot build a Nigeria of young people who don’t know when to stop or how to do things.
“We must do things correctly so that we can have Nigeria that is futuristic and good leaders in future.
“Some of this children have intimated their teachers to submit to whatever they want to do. They’ve a way of coniving with other gangs particularly where we’re running our program to attack teachers.
“So teachers are also intimidated by this young people. So even when they’re aware they can do little or nothing. Because the system now is that they’re running schools where students are not in hotels. The care under the teachers are also temporal, majorly, they do this when in school, out of school and when schools closed. So is so bad”, he lamented.
Earlier, leaders of the group said they’re there from IMC and other Organizations to educate teachers on how to protect pupils from intruders and how to relate with them deligently while correcting them
Vice principal who was represented by vice principal sincerely appreciated the visitation and promised to heed to the education.

“You can only have peace in state rancour free society. Ask for patience with the children in school. Children spent more time with teachers who suffer trying to correct them”, they enjoined teachers to stop pupils from collecting foods fro from people on street, as the further said the visit I’ll assist them to know how to teach the children more despite the challenges they’re facing.
Some of the schools visited according to IMC include Government day secondary school (Boys) Doka, that of Girls in Kigo new extension kaduna, among others. End

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