In new book, PGF boss tasks APC leaders on achieving new Nigeria

In new book, PGF boss tasks APC leaders on achieving new Nigeria

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Director General of the Progressive Governors Forum (PGF) and chieftain of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) Salihu Moh Lukman, has set agenda for the party leaders on how to possibly achieve a new Nigeria.

According to Lukman, for APC to achieve the goal of producing a new Nigeria, it must be a party with a leadership that is united, disciplined, and respectful.

In his fourth book titled “APC and Campaign for New Nigeria” which is yet to made public, the APC chieftain advocated for support to APC leaders with perspectives which highlight all the manifest challenges and the requirements for the party to return to its founding vision of providing all the needed political leadership to change the country.

In a statement Lukman personally signed Monday in Abuja, said issues in the publication attempt to provide contextual analysis of challenges of insecurity, national unity, party building and policy engagement.

The PGF boss said since the platform of engagement is APC, the advocacy is primarily to influence the development of APC as a political party.

“Re-organising the structures of APC should make the party functionally active in facilitating negotiations among leaders at all levels and all agreements reached must be respected by all. It is the process of negotiating and implementing agreements reached, which should be respected by all that can produce a New Nigeria!

“The new Nigeria being envisioned therefore should be a liberal political environment, which should promote critical and selfless criticisms. In all of this, President Buhari’s leadership style, remain a source of inspiration, which encourage engagement with all APC leaders.

“Take away President Buhari’s political leadership, the atmosphere in APC may be different and many of the perspectives being produced from within the party, may not have found expression or may have risked being condemned and individuals promoting them may have been restrained.

“Campaigning for New Nigeria cannot be achieved by only lamenting about any failing or rationalising why we have what exist today. Members of APC should be able to push the leaders of the party to respond to the reality facing the country and ensure that Nigerians appropriately take responsibility. Nigerians must engage the issues with all the confidence that political leaders, especially President Buhari will favourably consider these proposals and strengthen the capacity of the party and its governments to mobilise Nigerians.”

The statement said a Professor of African Studies at King’s College, London and Programme Director, African Leadership Centre, Abiodun Alao, prepared the Foreword of the book.

“Most of the interventions are responses to contemporary challenges, which often become the basis of excessive politicisation by opposition political parties and their supporters. Often, issues are presented very negatively by many Nigerians, which tend to both misrepresent the facts and misdirect the public. All the chapters speak to the need to create a new Nigeria, which is about peaceful co-existence, secure the country, tolerance and responsive politics, government and leaders.

“Once ready, the publication will be circulated both internally in APC and among all leaders at national level and interested Nigerians. The publication will be used to further engage political leaders in the country, especially in terms of setting the right political agenda for 2023 campaigns and thereafter. The campaign for New Nigeria is about the future of the country and the guarantee of good life for all Nigerian citizens.

“The publication is dedicated to all founding members of APC who have remained loyal to the party and its leadership with the firm belief that a New Nigeria is possible!”

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