Kaduna NGO trains trainers on Tobacco use, substance abuse

Kaduna NGO trains trainers on Tobacco use, substance abuse

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By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

An NGO based in kaduna on Thursday organized training of trainers on tobacco use and substance abuse disorder in the State.
The program titled:”Training on recovery Allies, was organized by The Eye Opener Women and Youth Foundation – 2021 Who WNTD the award winner”.

Mrs Margret Julius, organizer and founder of the NGO, said they’re training the people to make them become “Recovery Allies” so they could save lives.

“We know that drug abuse is pandemic claiming the lives of many people more than COVID-19. So we come out to organize this with our resources so that people and families and even teenagers, you saw them doing presentation to go out and help save lives. That’s Just the summary of the training”, he said.
He further explain that “After the 2021 award winner, the WHO give us award of the world day tobacco. So after the award, we started implementing the “absence club in schools and communities.

“The purpose of the club is to allow people coming in the community to be train about all this substances. Just to keep people busy to have the knowledge to safe lives.

“Most of the people into this substance abuse don’t have the knowledge. So we’re implementing the tobacco and substance abstence club in schools and Communities.

“We’ve started and we’ll continue to do it. Even this place that we’ve just finish, the Programme, we’re going to implement abstence club here next year.
“We already have students at Federal Cooperative College, knowledgeable, and are already working. We need Community leaders to work with, as you can see them here.

“We carry them along anywhere we’re entered into , the first people to see is community leaders. So after establishing it in a community, we leave it for them and only come back when they need resource person in the place.

“We want to keep every community busy in this drug abuse pandemic. All hands must be on deck to fight this manace. We’re using personal resource especially from my husband who’s key supporter, just to help humanity, she said

Also speaking, a resource person Haj. Fatima also said the training is to make people awareness so that they’ll become therapist, taken care of people who used drug (abuse) in future.
“The need to be aware and need to have education to know what to do when the situation arises. To be able to take care of people using drug.

Gambo lbrahim Sariki, Tudun Wada and Istfanus Dauda. Z. Clergyman, who were in attendance at the programme also spoke.
“The training is important and supposed to be for all, just like the resource person and pioneer of Eye opener said.

“Honestly the level of drug abuse is increasing that’s why this training program is important. Every Communities, state level, LGs and ward level need to create awareness on the havoc drug abuse is doing”, the stated.

Ene Edache, Mohammed Aliyu, the vice president of teenegers Tobacco/Substance Abstinence Club(TA Club) among other girls who made presentation on tobacco said they did to save lives because of the study that smoker’s live is reduce by ten years, to save somebody from smoking. End

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