Court Order: It’s disheartening seeing conflicting order at 11th hour-Atung, SAN

Court Order: It’s disheartening seeing conflicting order at 11th hour-Atung, SAN

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… Promises to mentor younger lawyers to make it to SANship

One of the newly appointed Senior Advocates of Nigeria (SAN), Samuel Atung has lamented professional misconduct by some Judges in the country, saying that it is disheartening, capable of bringing judiciary to disrepute before the eyes of the general public.

Atung said there was no need for any Judge to issue a conflicting order especially when the case has to do with political matter because the provisions of the electoral Act are very clear.

The National Judicial Commission ,(NJC) had penultimate Thursday came down hard on three judges for issuing conflicting orders. They were barred from being promoted while they also received warning letters.

Apparently basking in a joyous mood of his elevation, the new SAN told Journalists in an interview at the weekend shortly after a grand dinner in his honour that he was ready to mentor younger lawyers to attain SANship position since he was a beneficiary of mentorship by notable SANs in the country.

“I have always have my opinion about indiscriminate decision exparte order, especially political related cases. Successive Chief Justices of the Federation and even the National Judiciary Council have made several pronouncements against the issuance of conflicting Court order.

“Any political issue, the provisions of the electoral Act are very clear. And it is to the effect that no court should issue an order restraining the conduct of an election during party primary.

“However, it is very disheartening you discover that Judges issuing exparte order at 11th hour either restraining the conduct of an election or a political party from presenting a particular candidate who has won his primary election.

“So I think what the Chief Judge of the Federation is doing is quite in order, perfect order. A situation whereby a Judge issued a conflicting order on the same matter, it is really disheartening. It will actually brings the judiciary to disrepute”. Atung said.

The new SAN also added, “I dedicate my elevation to the Almighty God because it is a privilege to be a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN). Whom am I that God has bestowed this honour on me.

“If you undergo a tutelage in a reputable law firm you stand a chance of making it to the rank of Senior Advocate than those who did not.I will try as much as possible to mentor the younger ones to aspire to the rank of SAN. I have benefited from mentorship by notable SANs. It therefore behoves on me to hand down to the younger lawyers what I have benefited from mentorship”.

Acting governor of Kaduna State, Hadiza Balarabe who was represented by Deputy chief of Staff, James Kanyip at the dinner, expressed happiness with Atung, “This is no mean feat. You got to this position from humble background. God elevated you for a purpose, to serve humanity. Just be yourself and do your best and move on”.
In his remarks as the chairman of the dinner event, the Minority Whip, House of Representatives, Hon.Gideon Gwani, said, “The day I realised my brother was elevated to SAN, so many questions came to mind, what does it take to become a SAN, and at what age. And I realised that to become a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, you need to be a man of integrity.

“I also realised that we lack mentorship, but if we have mentors, a good number of lawyers will go places in their careers.Your position is Service to humanity without religious and ethnic bias”.

Also in his remarks, the Guest Speaker, who is the Executive Secretary, Federal Character Commission, Muhammad Bello Tukur said, “I have been with Atung for the past 35 years as friends and students at ABU Zaria. I share alot of things in Common with Atung. We came from rural areas background.

“Rural communities work very had to feed, send children to school. We cannot afford to be at each other’s throat. People are scared of going to the farm, school and market. Rural area is seeking deeper into insecurity crisis.

“There is a lot of lamentations in the land. We must find solution to it. There is collapse of governance. There is cattle rustling. We have to look at the issue of insecurity in the rural area. Community leaders must find solution to communal dispute.

“Religious leaders have role to play. Department of government agencies have role to play. Light weapons are all over the place. We need to strengthen the capacity of our security agencies to mop up these weapons. Our justice system should frown at injustice.

“The Media should play according to the ethics of the profession, and stop spreading fake news. We must all join hands together to find lasting solution to insecurity in our country”.


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