Kaduna Community Protests 20-year- old Telecom Mast

Kaduna Community Protests 20-year- old Telecom Mast

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…The protest ill conceived, envy – Landlord

Gabriel Udeh, Kaduna

A fraction of a community in Ungwan Dosa in North Local Government Area of Kaduna State has reportedly launched series of protests against alleged proximity and location of telecom mast to lslamiah School and Mosque in the area.

The community protests spearheaded by one Bello Kagara and one Ahmodu were alleging that radiation from the telecom Mast has adversely affected some islamiah pupils and even turned some residents in the community into deaf as well affected their road and other hazards.

Reacting to the allegations the owner of the land hosting the telecom Mast Alh Ahmad Shuaibu described the allegations as a share envy, baseless and without any scientific evidence or medical proof.
Alhaji Shuaibu further expressed displeasure that such allegations or complained could now be made against the telecom Mast installed twenty years ago.
According to him the telecom Mast was installed in the year 2000 and therefore many years older than the school and the mosque by far.

He explained that at the time the telecom Mast were installed the plots hosting the school and mosque were empty and occupied by only motor mechanics, being amongst the first telecom Mast installations in the State.

He said “The Hon Chairman kaduna north local government Hon. Mukhtar Baloni did not say anything new that what I’ve said before. That the federal and state government have agencies who’s responsibiliry and modalities are there to guide the operations of this kinds of installations and any infringement or disregard to their role should be targeted at the relevant agencies for intervention.

“And i think some of us should intimate ourselves with what the rules and regulations are, before coming out to say whether or not the telecom Mast radiation is responsible for this or that hazard are.

“There are over a thousand Mast in kaduna State, why is this one peculiar. The whole argument started from a different perspective, that the telecom Mast company is trenching to lay a fibre on Lere Street now Suleiman Aliyu Diri road, and that they said they fill they were not involved.
“And that they should be involved. I said I didn’t tell the company to do that, and that the relevant authority that should be contacted is government agencies to inform them about any distructions on their road”, Shauibu said.

He also said “My relationship between them is land and tenant relationship only. And therefore why should I go and tell my tenant to do this or that when I don’t have any problem with them. At a point I even called and offered to lead them to the company and asked to come and go with me but they refused.
“There are also residents, shops, school and mosque around the area, but all of it met the Mast there. All this issue have been championed by a couple of few people and is selfishness and envy, and is because they said they have not been carried along or involved.
Earlier, the local government area chairman was in the area to see for himself and when to intervene where necessary
Finding revealed that there were plan to mobilized some group of youth to go and cut down the Mast installed for public good at benefit for selfishness.

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