Civil Society Condemns Blackmail Attempts Against Jere

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The National Association for Good Governance and Democracy (NAGGD) , has condemned the attempt by some people in the country to tarnish the good image of the Acting Controller General of the Nigeria Immigration Service.

In a statement signed by NAGGD president and Secretary, Alhaji Mada Ibrahim and Okpani Mike Odeh Akatu, respectively, challenged Comrade Mukhtar Akoshile to without delay publish the financial misappropriation his group said the Acting CG committed.

We urge the so-called Nigeria Disapora Alliance For Good Governance to publish the details of the alleged financial mismanagement or misappropriation of funds under Jere as soon as possible.

It is not just enough to sit in the comfort zone of your homes, concoct an imaginary allegations and go about blackmailing patriotic officers like Idris Jere, who, through hard-work, honesty and God’s grace, was appointed as CG NIS.

For record purposes, it should be noted that Jere was appointed CG of NIS Immigration Service in less than 4 months, and he hit the ground running.

Even before the word “get go,” Jere has enumerated his mission and objectives for the NIS and for the country in general.

On the day he was presented to the Minister of Internal Affairs, the Acting CG of NIS highlighted some vital components that will form the policy thrust of his administration, including :
Review of Border Security Strategies by allowing a committee of experts to re-examine the strategies in order to determine the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the Service’s Border Management Policies and Operations;

ii. Critical assessment of Passport Operations in order to find a long-term solution to the ongoing issue of Passport Booklet scarcity;

iii. Improving staff welfare through massive capacity building and entrepreneurship training for officers and men.

In October, barely one month into his appointment, the Acting CG announced the launch of the Applicants platform, which would enable those applying for Nigerian passports to do that with ease and without corrupting influences.

He further directed that issuance of passports would take only three weeks following all the necessary checks.

With these, the newly appointed CG has eliminated all the bottlenecks associated with the issuance of passports.

Not done with that, Mr.Idris Jere, a faceless and perhaps unregistered group accused of corruption disguised as an ordinary Nigerian, went to a passport issuing office in a certain part of the country and exposed the monumental corruption going on there.

The question we should ask the so-called Diaspora Alliance group is, Can the devil fight evil?

How does a supposedly corrupt officer, according to your allegations, go all out to root out corruption within his organization in less than a month of his appointment?

“Let it be known that a man who has put in 34 years of service to his nation and to the NIS and has served in various commands and formations, including Adamawa, Borno, and Benue State Commands, among others, cannot be tagged as a corrupt officer by some faceless group.

If Jere was corrupt, the system would have found him out of service long ago.
But as an honest, meticulous, courageous, and gallant officer and loyal fellow, his attributes stood and he has now attained the zenith of his career, which is the desire of every career civil servant or military officer.

Our advice to any hardworking Nigerian is to put heads together and team up with the Acting CG so that he can better patrol our porous borders, curb corruption and raise the standard of living of the men and women of the Nigeria Immigration Service.

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