Arewa Frontier Movement throws Weight Behind Osinbajo ‘s Presidential bid

Arewa Frontier Movement throws Weight Behind Osinbajo ‘s Presidential bid

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Prominent Northern group called Arewa Frontier Movement has lent its weight support for the Presidential bid of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

According to a statement issued and signed by the group’s Coordinator Alhaji Mustapha Saye and the Secretary Okpani Mike Odeh James, Prof. Osibanjo is the only Nigerian capable of steering the Nigerian ship through the difficult socioeconomic malaise today .

The group stressed that Nigeria needs an honest man, a man with integrity and with the political knowledge of how on how Nigeria should be run .

“As concerned Nigerian citizens from the 19 Northern, Arewa Frontier Movement has observed that there the economy is in a state of distressed due to long years of misrule by Success administration, AFM also noted that the basis of unity in the country is low for now, therefore there is for a man who has a deep sense of patriotism, honour, integrity to steer the ship through its perilous time.

As the 2023 approaches and the quest for who to be the President intensifies, AFM has narrowed the race to the current Vice President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo for the following reasons :

The Vice President has accumulated huge wealth of experience spanning 7 years as President Muhammadu Buhari’s deputy as so he is better placed to solve most of the problems besetting the country .

Furthermore, as head of the economic think-tank, he has understudied the multifaceted challenges facing the economy and can proffer lasting and viable solutions which would eventually bring the country out its doldrums.

The Arewa Frontier Movement as group is also very conscious of the cries of domination by many ethnic groups all over the country including the North, and to assuage this cries, a man of impeccable character and unifier who would further strengthen the unity of the country via good policies is no other than Prof Yemi Osinbajo .

The group further continued, if the Press recalled, during the unfortunate days when our dear President took ill and went on medical vacation, Vice President Osinbajo took over the affairs of the country, steered the economy and doused the raging inferno of Niger Delta militants. As a vice president, Yemi Osinbajo remained loyal and honest towards his boss without showing any overt or covert intent to outshine his boss .

For these reasons and many more which we shall be unveiling during the course of the week, our group feels Yemi Osinbajo is the only person that can lead the country aright.

The group also stressed that starting from January 5, 2022, It would embark on a tour of the 19 Northern States with the view of sensitizing people of the North about Osinbajo as the best option .

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