When used and dumped: It will be rude awakening for Rooble

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Rooble is trodding on a tight rope. Madobe and Deni and CPC cheered him on to chase after his tail to ascend to the imaginary seat of de facto presidency. He’s been drooling after to usurp power from the president using dingy backdoor rat trails that the opposition lit for him.

When he presents his absurd proposal to be crowned the all powerful amir at the NCC and for the same forum to declare his boss “former president,” is when the reality that he was only being used to finish his boss but no one wanted him to bring his bad joke to the NCC.

All that for the value of an arm of “Sagaara?” Oh no! How dumb!

Reality will hit Rooble only after his feathers are plucked to bear skin at the NCC. Madobe and Deni will join their comrades to get rid of the only nuisance on their way to freely managing the elections after he was used to manage his boss. Then the boss will maul him to minced meat with no one to save him.

What a rude awakening it would be for Rooble!

By: Aydid A. Guled