Matawalle holds 5 day retreat for Zamfara State Exco Advisers, others in Abuja

Matawalle holds 5 day retreat for Zamfara State Exco Advisers, others in Abuja

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..Urges them to redouble efforts in fighting banditry with available resources

By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Zamfara State Governor Hon. Bello Mohammed Matawalle has charged members of his State Executive Council, Advisers and other relevant public office holders to strategized and redouble their efforts in fighting banditry and place the State on the path of an enduring development by optimally utilising the resources at their disposal.

The Governor made this clarion call in a speech at the opening ceremony of the five days working retreat organized for members of his Executive Council, Special Advisers and other relevant public office holders in Abuja yesterday.

The Governor, in the retreat with a theme: Management Retreat on Governance and Leadership Reforms for Development in Zamfara State, the decision to conduct the retreat was informed by one of the fundamental principles of his administration to continuously repositioning the machinery of Government in tune with the ever-changing dynamics of our time.

He also said that “One of the critical steps in this repositioning drive is building the capacity of the Chief Executive Officers of our Ministries, Departments and Agencies, who are the policymakers saddled with the strategic mandate of providing purposeful leadership, guidance and direction to the staff of their organisations.

According to him “lt is instrumental to state that this retreat could not have been organised at a better time than now when we are in dire need of highly skilled and well-trained organisational heads to champion the positive transformation we have embarked upon.
“The recurring cases of inter and intra agency role conflicts, usurpation of responsibilities, and violation of the established administrative procedures in our Public Service, which greatly hamper the smooth running of the business of Government, obviously have serious consequences on effective service delivery and meeting the goals of governance.

“Therefore, the retreat is expected to significantly help in the entrenchment of harmony at workplaces, collaborative synergy, good governance, sound leadership, and proficient official communication”, he said.

He also explained that the retreat was planned to last for five consecutive days of presentations by the carefully selected resource persons, as well as special sessions to be led by experienced personalities of high repute, urging participants to be exceptionally attentive and focused, in order to fully realised the benefits of the set objectives of the retreat.

“It is also imperative that I urge all and sundry to cooperate and put heads together to ensure the success of this event. This is particularly important considering its highly anticipated impact of reinvigorating the Zamfara State Public Service.

“It is my expectation that, at the end of the retreat, participants will return to their respective duty posts full of fresh ideas relating to Administrative Procedures, Financial Prudence, Policy Innovations, Information Technology, Executive Council Business and Inter-Governmental Collaboration.

“As you are aware, Zamfara State, like other states in the northwest, is confronted with a serious security problem, which has exacerbated the multiple development challenges we face. I believe that opportunities like this retreat could be used to stimulate thought and offer workable solutions to issues affecting not only the public sector but also the overall development of our State.

“In our ever-changing world, especially in a liberal democratic system like ours, governance necessitates that both policymakers and implementers are appropriately groomed and knowledgeable not only about the workings of the public sector but also about our modern world.

“It is only by so doing that we can craft appropriate policies that could address our contemporary challenges and that are in tune with the realities of our time.

“As we enter the midterm of our administration, the task ahead is that of multiplying our efforts of building a new Zamfara State.
“We must strategise to redouble our efforts in fighting banditry and place our State on the path of an enduring development by optimally utilising the resources at our disposal. This is a clarion call for all of us to brace up to the great tasks ahead.

“Of course, you should all bear in minds that the task ahead involves the consolidation of the reforms and initiatives brought about by my administration within the past two years. Some of these reforms are components of State Fiscal Transparency, Accountability, and Sustainability.
“The reforms and legislations includes my administration’s commitment to Open Government Partnership;
New law for the State’s Consolidated Revenue; the State’s Bureau of Public Procurement; creating more synergy with the Code of Conduct Bureau to ensure that public officials declare their assets; online publication of the State’s budget; citizens’ participation in budgetary processes; designing the State’s Development Plan in collaboration with the UN Development Programme and the SDGs office; the new Anti-Corruption Law; and
Social Protection Policy”, respectively.

“The Child Protection Bill and the Disability Bill would soon be passed by the House of Assembly and signed into law as soon as they are brought for my assent”, he said.

The Governor expressed his deepest appreciation to the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation, Mrs Folashade Mejabi Yemi-Esan, for sparing time out of her tight schedules to attend and declared the function open personally.

He also commended the good work of the retreat organizing committee for all its efforts in ensuring that the retreat which commenced from Monday has come to fruition, for organizing it with Ibadan Business School in conjunction with Zamfara State in Abuja, and God. “More grease to your elbows”, he said.

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