Group Slams Deji Over Unguided Comment On Yahaya Bello

Group Slams Deji Over Unguided Comment On Yahaya Bello

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Northern group under the auspices of the Northern Emancipation Network (NEN) has replied one Deji Adeyanju describing him as the unserious one and not Governor Yahaya Bello as he erroneously and maliciously posted.

NEN further said that the said Adeyanju should not be taken seriously over such an unguided utterances.

The Group, reacting to Adeyanju’s post on his Facebook wall that Governor Yahaya Bello’s presidential ambition should not be taken seriously by Nigerians, said such remarks are the hallmark of fake activists like Adeyanju who infest the streets of Abuja feeding on blackmail.

The Group’s Coordinator, Suleiman Abbah, in a sharp reaction on Saturday, described Adeyanju and his ilk as commercial activists who take stipends to do other people’s dirty jobs.

“We find it ridiculous for someone like Adeyanju, an identified fake activist who has no defined principle to attempt to challenge the credibility of a man who has had the mandate to rule a whole state two times.

“Adeyanju should sooner begin to realize that Nigerians have gotten to see through his brand of extortionist activism and have never taken him seriously.

“He should know that his brand of cash and carry activism has been out phased long ago and Nigeria is today living in times of great changes not to be distracted by scam masters disguised in the robe of activism.

“For all we know, Adeyanju does not have the capacity and the necessary credibility to be voted even as local government councilor in his village and should therefore hide his face when men with the courage to lead and aspire higher are talking,’ Abbah said.

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