2023 :Hon Aliyu Habibu Dubanni Charge Nigerians To Choose Their Leaders Wisely .

2023 :Hon Aliyu Habibu Dubanni Charge Nigerians To Choose Their Leaders Wisely .

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Hon.Aliyu Dubbani has charged Nigerians to be very conscious of whom to elect as their representatives, Senator, Governor or President in 2023.

Mr. Dubbani  who was fielding questions from Journalists in home town of Zaria explained that there is the need for Nigerians to elect politicians who would work for them, listen to them and change all the facets of Nigeria for good .

” I will advice Nigerians especially the youths to come out massively next year to elect those that would work for them
” Nigerians should watch closely before casting their ballots .Interrogate any politician that wants to contest critically before you give him a chance, he said  
The astute businessman cum politician further charged Nigerians to be more godly than religious and to pray to God to help salvage Nigeria from poverty and corruption,adding that,

 “it is not good enough for you to go to the Mosque or Church and pray just because you want to called a true believer .
” If you are a Muslim, if you are a Christian, then you must live your lives the Holy Books said we should . That means you must not cheat, you must steal and you must not be corrupt .

According to him youth has a role to play towards reshaping the scheming of the nation politics He appealed to the government to put a measures  toward the bringing of an ending of  insecurity which have posed a threat to lives of Nigerians citizens 

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