Crisis looms in PRP over award confered on Balarabe Musa’s son by LG chairmen

Crisis looms in PRP over award confered on Balarabe Musa’s son by LG chairmen

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..As party leaders say’s
PRP is not hereditary

By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

As count down to 2023 draws nearer, there appears to be a looming crises in the People’s Redemption Party (PRP), as party leaders lash out to Balarabe Musa family, son, saying the party platform is not hereditary.
The state Vice Chairman of the PRP St. Kamven Enoch made the assertion in an interview with newsmen in Kaduna, over alleged award of Magajin Balarabe Musa title conferred on the son of late national leader of the party. Enoch who was reacting to alleged appointment of the Son of late Balarabe Musa, as replacement of his late father, said the action was unconstitutional
and therefore noll and void.

“I hear that Isa Adamu Soba, chairman of Soba and coordinating chairman of PRP chairmen within the zone administer the oath and sign the said appointment letter. Maybe he’s giving him the Chairmanship of Soba LG, I wouldn’t know. This is because even the chairman of Sanga LG and coordinating team of entire PRP LG chairmen, Yakubu Moh’d Sanga was not there”, he said.

The Vice Chairman also said there’s no provision of the party constitution that empowered any local government party leaders to appoint and declared anyone national leader of the party without the consent of the national and State leadership of the party.
Son of late Balarabe Musa, Kassim Balarabe Musa, was during a ceremony in his father’s family compound on Saturday administered oath of office and issued certificate, certifying his appointment as national leader of PRP to replace his father.
According to eyewitness report, Kassim B. Musa’s appointment letter was signed by lsa Adamu Soba who’s the party chairman of Soba LG and coordinating chairman of PRP chairmen in the zone.

While the vice chairman described the action as very strange, he also reminded the organisers that there’s no hereditary in government and political party appointment to warrant such thing.
St. Enoch who’s also a zonal officer of the party expressed surprised that such appointment could be made without a national or state officers in attendance.

He explained that the ideologically driven PRP has structures at National, States, LGs and Ward levels, adding that only the national or otherwise, the state leaders could be empowered to create such office and coordinate it.

On the next step, St. Enoch said they’ll allow the matter to fissile out on it own, explaining that since such provision does not exist in their constitution, it would amount to waste of time, resources and energy pursuing it since “They connot claims to have done it on behalf of the party but only by their own wishes.

While he revealed that LGs and Ward congresses of the party have commenced in some states, St. Enoch however restated that PRP is still in court with Falalu Bello faction over continued support and recognition accorded Bello by INEC after his removal from office as interim national chairman of the party some years back.
Earlier, St. Enoch said the son of Balarabe Musa came and told him that LG chairmen want to recognize him because of his father’s position, using Association of Local Government of Nigeria (ALGON) as a front, and that their own group (the son) have aligned with Falalu Bello faction.
Enoch said he responded by saying that even though such thing does not exist and that the party platform is not for hereditary, he also told him that whatever it is, he (Kassim) should inform and liaised with the State Chairman of the PRP, one Mr Dan Birini in whatever he’s doing.
Findings however unveiled that an award titled “Award of Magajin Balarabe Musa”, conferred on Kassim, was allegedly supported by all PRP chairmen in 23 LG of the state.
“PRP confers title of Magajin Balarabe Musa on late politicians son”.

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