Seizures of Sheik Zakzaky, wife’s travelling documents are unwarranted- CSO

Seizures of Sheik Zakzaky, wife’s travelling documents are unwarranted- CSO

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By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

A Civil Society Organization (CSO) has called on President Muhammadu Buhari’s government to release travel documents of Sheik Ibrahim Zakzaky and his wife.

The CSO also lamented the deplorable social, economic and political lives of Nigerians under the present regime despite the promises of better tidings.

In a statement signed by the secretary of the CSO, ‘Citizens League For Justice’ Comrade Ezekiel Ayuba said Citizens League for Justice
believed that the lesson of dictatorship in Nigeria, no matter its complexion civilian or military, must be fought and not cuddled.
“Because those that romanced dictatorship end up turning their countries into killing fields while those that fought dictatorship preserved their freedoms and their liberties and are enjoying the fruits of democracy.
“We must posit that Nigerian government must respect and dignify the rights of Sheik and his wife to life as enshrined in the constitution and must therefore be given back the needed traveling documents to enable them seek proper medical care abroad bearing mind the life threatening injuries suffered by them. Including psychological torture in their memories and the brutal killings of almost all their children during the serial state assault against members of the movement.

“This brings to the fore, the illegally and unlawful withholding of traveling documents of Sheik Zakzaky and his wife in order to prevent them from having access to proper medical care abroad. In the same country that President Buhari, Governor El-Rufai and their agents are juncketting around the world in search of best medical care that their government have denied to an average Nigerian.

“We wish to demand for the unconditional release of the traveling documents of Sheik Zakzaky, his wife and other citizens being persecuted by the Buhari regime to enable everyone one of them seek alternative my medical care of his own choice in part of the world.
“That Nigeria is a constitutional democracy and for her to reclaim her place in the comity of nations defends on the concluding aspect of the withholding travelling documents saga of the Sheik who was discharged and acquitted by a competent court of our land. The decision of the persecutors of the Elzak-zaky to continue their unrepentant assault on his freedom guaranteed by the Nigerian constitution is shameful, lawless, unacceptable and affront to the Nigerian people and the constitution of the Republic.

“The time tested resolved of Sheik Zakzaky to live in unity and harmony and in the spirit of common brotherhood is never in doubt and beyond reproach irrespective of the hostile attitude against him and followers by agents of the Nigerian government.

“The deliberate refusal against wise counselling to release the traveling documents to him and his household community is one of the numerous human rights abuses of this regime that can neither be rationalized or justified. All actions taken against them cannot be expressly said to be in the practical application of any law in force in our country. And cannot not be reasonably and justifiable in a democratic and law abiding society. Actions totally not in defence of public safety, but in every sense of the word premeditated against public order, public morality or public health.

“Dictatorship and enemies of democracy are particularly afraid of two things. First the organizational capacities of the Sheik followers and the second their power of mobilizational abilities. And the power of such things listed above has been freely guaranteed in the Nigerian constitution.

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