Why House of Reps Reversed Itself – Hon Soli

Why House of Reps Reversed Itself – Hon Soli

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By Bashir Bello, Abuja

Hon. Sada Soli representing Jibia Federal Constituency at the National Assembly has given reasons why the House of Representatives reversed itself on Direct Primaries clause which it previously inserted into the electoral bill.

According to the law maker, majority of the members of the House took the decision following close consultations between members and the Presidency.

He added that,

“following the President’s decline of assent on the electoral bill, the House decided on Wednesday reconsidered the Electoral Act Amendment Bill and passed it after removing the mandatory use of direct primaries by political parties to elect candidates to stand for elections.

He further explained, we adopted the use of both direct and indirect mode of primaries by parties for nominating candidates for election because some parties may not be able to conduct direct primaries due to cost.

We also decided to allow individual parties to adopt which ever form of primaries it want to adopt so that such parties could also help in promoting democracy

When asked if the position of the lower House would not clash with the Senate, Soli added that the two Houses would later on set up a joint committee comprising of seven or thirteen persons from each sides to iron out all the grey areas.