NNPP Release Aspirants  E-Registration Portal

NNPP Release Aspirants E-Registration Portal

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The New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) is always blazing the trail as the party was the first to launch members online e-registration portal in June 2020 and now the first to release ASPIRANTS ONLINE E-REGISTRATION PORTAL that will enhance interested aspirants to register online, expressing their interest to contest any position they have capability to run for under the platform of NNPP.

Releasing the portal to the public on Friday February 4, 2022 at the National Secretariat of the party in Abuja, the Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the party, Rev Emmanuel Olorunmagba, asserts “the New Nigeria People’s Party is set to surprise the “nay Sayers” in Nigeria who erroneously assume that major elections can only be won by either of the two largest political parties: This 2023 with the help of God, many Davids (Daudas) will emerge from the back side of the desert through NNPP to pull serious surprises as the party has since the last General Meeting held last year in Lagos under the chairmanship of Dr. Boniface Okechukwu Aniebonam (the Founder and National Chairman), returned to the drawing board to map out strategies towards 2023 and started implementing the strategies one step after another. Nigerians should expect more unveiling of further strategies as we gallantly march towards 2023 general elections. NNPP IS NOT JOKING AT ALL!”

Giving the direct link to the aspirants online e-registration portal as https://www.nnpp.org.ng/new-contestants/

Then urging eligible Nigerians who want to contest at any level and have the capacity, “but are yet to officially declared to the party, can now make use of the simple portal to express their interest online from our ultra-fast website using any device and the administrative office will respond in less than 72 hours on working hours days. It’s so simple that anyone that can browse the internet can submit in few minutes.

“This is a good news to the youths because NNPP is the party for the youths, run by vibrant youths and more for the youths. Thus, our primary elections will favour more of the youths who truly have what to offer our beloved country and the capacity to run election.

“Our tickets are not for sale. So no aspirant can use money to influence any of our primary elections. So NNPP tickets can only be earned based on integrity, capacity, antecedents and the contribution of such aspirants towards building the party with us. That is why it’s important that any aspirant that is interested in our tickets should indicate as soon as possible and let us continue the building of the party together as such commitment will speak during the primary elections.”

Adding that saying NNPP tickets are not for sale does not mean that anyone can just collect Expression of Intent and Nomination Forms free of charge. “It simply means that our tickets are not for highest bidder. Of course, subsequently aspirants will have to pay for their Expression of Intent and Nomination Forms, but the costs cannot be as high as those of the two largest political parties” he concluded

Rev Emmanuel Olorunmagba,
Deputy National Publicity Secretary,
New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP)