Fuel Scarcity: Nigerians overwhelmed by agonies of long trekking

Fuel Scarcity: Nigerians overwhelmed by agonies of long trekking

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By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Thousands of Nigerians now trek for several hours and miles to their houses after a long hours of hard work day following shortage of means of transportation occasioned by acute fuel scarcity in Kaduna state.
Trekking cuts across all categories of people including civil servants and business men, women and children of the poor, who are fighting for survival.

The scarcity situation further heighten hardship as most residents, earlier hits by the COVID-19 pandemic wave stopped driving their cars or parked them for sale due to poverty situation in the state.

Accordingly, the poverty level escalated apparently also owing to wild demolition of “illegal structures” across the city, which affected many people’s business and properties amongst other harsh policies of the present administration.

Aside the increased in the shortage of means of transportation brought to bear on citizens in kaduna, the cost of transportation has gone high making it amply difficult for many people who leaves far below average to shoulder the responsibility.

For instance, Bus Town Service have equally increased transport money from the usual N100 and N150 to now N150- N200 respectively between kaduna central market and Sabon Tasha, Kawo, Goni Gora among others places within kaduna metropolis.
In some cases, they BTS also charged for more than N250 transportation in a bit far distance as well.

On harsh policies, only recently, the state government placed total ban on operations of all forms of motorcycle and restricted the time and movement of tricycles which is still effective, attributing it to the worsening insecurity situation especially Banditry activities.
More than hundreds of thousand of the cyclist have been arrested for violating the laws, their cycles seized and some confiscated by enforcement officers and auctioned.
Just on Tuesday, the christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) kaduna and northern states issues statement warning the federal government to be proactive in averting the current guess scarcity situation before it get out of hand.
The statement signed by CAN state chairman and vice Chairman of the northern zone expressed surprised over the hardship effects are likely to bring, calling for the resignation of petrolium Minister if it could not find lasting solution immediately.

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