Let’s Give Youths,Women Chance – Kura

Let’s Give Youths,Women Chance – Kura

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By Bashir Bello .Abuja

Executive Director, Initiative For Community Development, Kano, Dr. Hamisu Kabir Kura has decried the situation where youths and women all over the country are not given opportunities to participate in the governing process of Nigeria.

Dr Kura who was speaking at a one day seminar organized by National Grassroots Coalition For Good Governance which was held on the 17 , February 2022 at Wuse Zone 2 Abuja, said that youths and women have been cut off from manning political offices as they are only seen as vanguards of politicians.

According to him, it is about time the youths and women are given the opportunity to contribute their quota to decision making process of the country.

” It has happened before. In the early days of our country when the Azikiwes, Awolowos, Enahoros, Aminu Kanos down to the Shagari era when the youths participated in the governance of the country.

The scholar continued,

“In those days, we had ministers who were 28, 38, 36 years old and they gave their best. But now, before you can become a minister or participate in the governance process of your country, you may need to be about sixty something years old.

“For now, for you to be called a youth leader, you need to be sixty years. This situation has to stop.

Kura then called on civil society organisations and other critical stakeholders in the country to come together and ensure that youths and women are allowed to take their rightful positions in decision making process of the country.

“I call on civil society groups, the media, other relevant stakeholders to come together and say stop to the marginalisation of the youths.

“Let us put Nigeria forward by allowing the youths to be part of the government. The youths have a lot to contribute to the development of Nigeria and now the youths are saying give us a chance, he added