Fr Vincent tasks Catholics to garnish their gifts with authentic love – Fr Vincent

Fr Vincent tasks Catholics to garnish their gifts with authentic love – Fr Vincent

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By Olivia Obijiaku

Parish Priest of Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish, Ahmadu Bello University Samaru Zaria Rev Fr Sebastian Vincent has called on his parishioners to paint their worlds with love. He made this call in his parish on Sunday, 30th January, 2022 when he built his homily on the day’s three readings of Jer. 1:4-5, 17-19; 1 Cor. 12:31; 13:13 and Luke 4:21-30 which hinged on love urging them to power their actions with love. 

The priest told them of the natural tendency to receive what they offer to people and nudged them to look inward and purge themselves of those things that hinder them from authentic love.

“There is a tendency for those you smile at to smile back at you and for those you frown at to frown back at you.” Fr Vincent enlightened. “Remember that you receive what you give – you receive love when you give love. Learn to love and let love reign. Love takes precedent. Involve God and love will reign in your lives. God saved us and gave us His Only Begotten Son – out of love. You did not create yourself, but He created you out of love. You’ve got to have love in your heart in order to love Him, serve Him and to be with Him hereafter.

“Friends in Christ, on this journey of life, you are bound to face one challenge or the other. There are times you will feel abandoned, yes, but God will not abandon you. He is still in His business. He has not abandoned you and He will never abandon you. There is no task from God that is without challenges. He made this known to Jeremiah, but He promised to fortify him. When God fortifies you, you become so strong that nothing can shake you because you are deep rooted in Him. Provided you are on course doing your part faithfully He will always project you above every obstacle on your way.”

“God is always in His business – He still saves, protects and loves us but the question is this. Are you ready to be saved, protected and loved? What is that barrier that hinders us from the blessings of God? If you know it, pray to God to break that wall that is blocking you from recovering God’s blessings. Out of love in our first reading today, God formed Jeremiah in his mother’s womb, telling him that He is omniscience God. He is telling you the same today. He knows you in and out.”

Acknowledging the possibility of being tempted to react harshly to people, the clergyman advised them not to treat wicked people with wickedness and to allow love to prevail in everything they do.