Lady Rep tasks women, says bad governance begins from the home

Lady Rep tasks women, says bad governance begins from the home

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By Olivia Obijiaku

The Lady Representative of Catholic Youth Association of Nigeria (CYON) of the Catholic Diocese of Zaria, Lady Mary Esther Ameh has partly attributed the abnormality in the society to failure of some mothers to live up to their maternal responsibilities. She made this known at the Dining Hall of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Graceland Zaria venue of the first Agora Conference for All Women on Saturday, 19th February, 2022. 

The mouthpiece lamented that some mothers have contributed in destroying their children through acts of commission and omission citing that such acts must have prompted Jesus to tell the Women of Jerusalem to weep for themselves and their children.   

Mary Esther Ameh

“Some mothers have failed” She asserted. “Bad governance can result in insecurity but governance starts from the home. We, the children are supposed to imitate our parents but a lot of mothers are scared of talking to us – they do not caution us. Peer group pressure is there but if our mothers do their part very well, peers will not influence us strongly. If you cannot govern your home, what happens if you are elected to govern a society? Bad governance begins from the home.”  

Observing that some mothers do not checkmate their children, including those in higher institutions, Lady Ameh called on mothers to correct and take care of children in their lives, whether or not they are their biological children, so that the desired healthy society may be realized.

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