The society fails when women fail – Edaigbini

The society fails when women fail – Edaigbini

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By Olivia Obijiaku

President of Catholic Action Nigeria of the Catholic Diocese of Zaria, Mrs. Georgina Edaigbini reminded women of their responsibilities to the nation when she delivered the welcome address at the First Agora Conference for All Women which took place at the Catholic Pastoral Centre, Graceland, Zaria on Saturday, 19th February, 2022.

The president intimated that the conference was meant to unite women of all class in Zaria for the purpose of orienting them of their roles in nation-building so as to take right positions in matters of human life and dignity; family and human rights as well as the advancement of the common good.  

“We are here for the common good of the society and to remind ourselves of our roles as women.” Mrs. Edaigbini oriented. “We need to have a common voice in politics and to get to the point where we will support ourselves as women. We want to change the narrative as the women of this country, but we need to start by getting our Voter’s Cards. 

Mrs. Georgina Edaigbini

“We are teaching our children that voting is not important if we don’t go out to vote. Let us put what we have learnt here into practice. Go back home and work on the family and the children. Don’t wrestle power with your husbands. Play your roles as women. Once we fail in the home, we fail as a society.” 

On how to sustain the initiative, the leader revealed to Daily Updates Abuja that they would continue to monitor and follow up their progress through various parishes; Catholic Women Organization (CWO); Catholic Youth Organization of Nigeria (CYON); Zumunta Mata of the Catholic Diocese of Zaria and the leaderships of participating groups like FIDA, Women’s Wing of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN). 

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