There can be no meaningful advancement where women are excluded – Bishop Dodo

There can be no meaningful advancement where women are excluded – Bishop Dodo

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By Olivia Obijiaku

The Chief Shepherd of the Catholic Diocese of Zaria, Most Rev (Dr) George Jonathan Dodo has called for women involvement in nation-building. He made this call when at the Holy Mass for the Inaugural Agora Conference for All Women which was organized by Catholic Action Nigeria of his diocese.  

At the event which took place in Our Lady of Perpetual Help Pastoral Centre, Graceland Zaria on Saturday, 19th February, 2022, His Lordship reflected on the theme ‘The Role of Women in Nation-Building’ when he noted that women’s contributions to nation-building are underappreciated opining that they need to be given the opportunity to do more for the country.

“Women contribute to the development of the society.”  The bishop asserted. “If they are given the task for the development of the country, they can make wonders happen as they are more dedicated, more hard-working, more sincere, more devoted to the cause. They need to be given the pride of place in order to make a meaningful contribution to the development of the family and the society at large. Women participation in nation building is an important ingredient in achieving an equitable, peaceful and more prosperous society. Society will be missing a significant key player in nation-building where this gender is not given the chance to bring to the table of development their unique contribution. Given their enormous contributions to socio-economic development, there can be no meaningful advancement where women are excluded.  

Most Rev (Dr) George Jonathan Dodo

“Unfortunately, many societies like Nigeria have not been able to recognize reasonably and meaningfully the inherent talents in women, let alone offer them the opportunity to prove their worth and value. Nigeria is one of the countries where women have faced challenges and discrimination for reasons of their gender and wrong perception that they belong to lesser class than their male counterparts – a perception that is strengthened by traditional and cultural practices of a patriarchal society.”

The spiritual leader equally spoke of the need to nurture and take care of the relationship between husbands and wives even as he encouraged wives to spend more time with their husbands in dialogue at mealtimes and in discussing family affairs so that husbands feel involved.

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