2023 RUN Project : Northern Elders Meet, Resolve to Back Only Igbo Candidate for President

2023 RUN Project : Northern Elders Meet, Resolve to Back Only Igbo Candidate for President

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…Urge PDP to Give Ticket to Ugwuanyi

Worried about the political tension stirred up by the agitation for power to the South, Forum of Northern Elders for Unity (FNEU) today held a meeting and resolved to back only candidate from the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) for the position of President come 2023.

According to the Elders Forum, first because PDP during its reign in power ,was able to provide all inclusive government for a United Nigeria and secondly, it is now 22 years since Nigeria returned to democracy, and it’s unfair that the Igbos have not been considered for either position of the President or Vice President.

“Part of the reasons for our meeting today is to create a unifying platform for consultation that will help douse tension created by some power hungry and selfish politicians, who want to destroy the one Nigeria our forefathers toiled to build.”the Elders stated .

In a Communique issue after the “Restore Unity of Nigeria (RUN) Project ,” meeting held held at ASAA Pyramid Hotel,Kaduna on Monday, the Northern Elders Forum for Unity said the ruling Party ,All Progressives Congress has a Northerner as President now and it will only be fair and democratic to return power to the South, especially Southeast because the Igbos have been politically marginalized .

In the Communique jointly signed by Chairman and Secretary of FNEU ,Alhaji Baba Mala and Mal. Yau Aliyu ,the Forum urged the main opposition party ,PDP to give its Presidential Ticket to Enugu State Governor, Mr. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi because of his antecedent as a leader with passion for peace , progress and unity of the country.

The communique further read: “We have studied all the Governors in the South-East and discovered that Governor Ugwuanyi is a bridge builder and visionary leader that we can trust with power .

“And If PDP wants to win the 2023 Presidential election , it should consider giving it’s ticket to Governor Ugwuanyi and we are prepared to work and ensure that his victory at the polls is guaranteed” .

“Ugwuanyi has a proven track records as one of the Governors, who has worked passionately to protect lives and properties of Northerners and settlers ; created employment for all regardless of tribe and religion since he assumed office, a feat worthy of note .

“We therefore call on all Igbos and southerners to join NEFU’s Project ” Restore Unity of Nigeria Now” and beg Nigerians across the geo-political zones to support our bid to for a United Nigeria with the best Presidential Candidate come 2023.

“We are from an advantaged region with numerical voting strength to decide who becomes Nigeria’s President,thus we will continue to meet to work out the solutions to douse the threatening tension created due call for power tussle .”

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