2022 Lenten Season: Muslim woman distributes beverages/food stuffs to Christian widows, Orphans

2022 Lenten Season: Muslim woman distributes beverages/food stuffs to Christian widows, Orphans

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By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

In an effort toward promoting peaceful co-existance, religious tolerance and better understanding among different faith base organization in the country, a Nigerian Muslim woman has distributed beverages to over 20 widows in solidarity with Christians to break -fast as they perform the 40-day fasting and prayers in Kaduna State north western Nigeria .

The Muslim woman, Hajiya Ramatu Tijjani, who visited a Southern Kaduna church and some families to share cartoons of Tea-breaks Items and food stuffs to the church widows and orphans, said the gesture is to extend hands of support to the needy and encourage them to be fully committed through prayers for peace and stability of the country.

She stressed that, this year Lenten season comes amidst of high cost of food stuffs in the markets and general insecurity challenges affecting 19 northern.

Hajiya Tijjani , who is also a peace builder and interfaith promoter in Nigeria, West Africa, explained that she was in the church with some packages of Tea break Items and other foodstuffs to share to the widows and orphans with aims of strengthened and support them in the daily fasting and prayers.

While stating that supporting the widows and orphans with such food items will give them more strength in devoting their total time to pray for the peace and unity of the country, she added that the purpose of Lent is the preparation of the believer for Easter through prayer , doing penance, mortifying the flesh ,repentance of sins, almsgiving and self denial .

“Gift-giving is one of the good manners that maintains and strengthens relationship between the giver and the recipient, and The importance of fasting cannot be over emphasizes”, she said.

According to her, Muslims around the world cannot forget how Pastor Yohanna Buru do always help Muslims “Destitute and the inmates” with Foods to eat during the 30-Day of the holy month of Ramadan and bailing large number of Muslim youth prisoners.

“Christians are my brothers and sisters and as a Muslim i love visiting them, because both religions preach peace , tolerance and harmony.

“Attending the church service doesn’t make me become a Christian. As a Muslim I have several Bibles at home and I read them to enable me know how to relate with my brothers and sisters that are Christians. ” she said .

Responding one of the widow Mrs Margret john that received the food items thanked Hajiya Ramatu for the kind gestured while calling on wealthy individuals to always support and help the needy

She noted that, this year lent comes amidst of hardship as everything in the market has skyrocket. urging both Muslims and Christians to keep praying for peace stability in the land.
[02/03, 13:55] Idibia Gab: Russia-Ukraine crisis: Nigeria Catholic Bishop expresses fear of third world war,

..Calls for serious prayers

By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Archbishop of Kaduna diocese His Grace most Rev. Dr. Mathew Manoso Ndagoso has expressed serious fear that the Russia and Ukraine crises may lead to third world war if prolonged.

The Bishop made the disclosure in an interview after commissioning of St. Charles school built by St. Charles Lwanga Catholic Church at Angwan Sunday in Kaduna state.

Bishop Ndagoso expressed dismay over the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, describing the situation as an most unfortunate and frightening.

“There are fears that if this war prolonged, can lead to third world war, and only God knows what will happen with the kinds of sophiscated weapons available in the world today, Nuclear weapons that can go thousands meters away.
“We can only hope and pray that It doesn’t escalate, although it’s not too late to find diplomatic solution because nobody is safe anywhere including Nigeria here. If America and others who are also members of NATO, get involved, only God knows what will happen, if war of this nature is sustained. I encourage everybody to pray in Catholics church.

“Since the revolution of 1917, when Russia was Russia, our lady gave a message that we should pray for the conversion of Russia, and you
know it worked.
“30 years ago, Soviet Union collapsed, the world experienced a beat of cold war, it ended. We don’t want another cold war and therefore we turn to our mother Mary again.
Pray the rosary, the wonder of what happened that time will happen again. lt started with Russian invasion of Ukraine”, he noted.