Lenten Observance: Give Up Your Sin for the Peace of Ukraine; Fr Katung admonishes

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By Olivia Obijiaku

The Vocations Director of the Catholic Diocese of Zaria, Very Rev Fr Istifanus Katung has called on the faithful to sacrifice their sinful ways of life for the stability of the embattled nation of Ukraine. He made this call in St Enda’s Catholic Church, Zaria on Monday, 1st March 2022 when he built his message on the day’s Gospel reading in which Jesus responded to Peter that no one who gives up something for His sake would go unrewarded.

The priest reiterated Pope Francis’ invitation for supplication for the peace of Ukraine during the year’s Lenten Season saying that sin is one way of honouring such invitation.

Russian invasion of Ukraine

“There is nobody who gives up anything to follow Jesus that loses because He is the giver of every good thing.” The director asserted. “Some of us have given up everything as priests and nuns to follow Jesus but I believe there is something essential that you can give up. It may not be family, it may be unnecessary prejudices us from following Him. He is calling us to give up preference to sin.”

“Tomorrow is the beginning of Lent and the Holy Father has officially invited us to pray for the peace of Ukraine. The first thing you should do is to dedicate your Lenten observance. If you cannot find anything that you need to give up, find something to give. Give up your sins for the peace of Ukraine.”