Nation building entails harnessing our virtues –  Mrs. Danaan

Nation building entails harnessing our virtues – Mrs. Danaan

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By Olivia Obijiaku

Guest Speaker at ‘The Agora Conference for All Women’ which took place at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Graceland Zaria, on Saturday February 19, 2022 Mrs. Claribel Nandi Danaan has called on women to tender their values for the growth of Nigeria.

The speaker stated that women are the brains behind every successful society when tasked them to make Ni

“A nation is a gathering of people from different culture, tribe and religion.” She explained. “Nation building means bringing all our good together for the good of our nation. So if we want to rebuild our nation, we need to know that we already have Okonjo-Iweala, Oby Ezekwesili, Queen Amina and other women who have shown us that women can be great leaders. We must know that Okonjo-Iweala was not just taken from a list of states. Her state recognized her and gave her name as their representative. In politics, you need start from the grass root.”

Mrs. Stella Onuorah, President Catholic Action Nigeria of the Catholic Diocese of Kano

“I believe that women failed that is why our society is the way it us today. Some of us suffer inferiority complex and some fight other women. We are lost in the equation of wanting equality with men. We are caregivers but how can a caregiver refuse to give food to her family? Most times, men draw us back but let’s forget about fighting men. Jesus started with twelve apostles and the whole world is in confusion today. Start by taking care of your child from the womb. It is what you give a child that he uses.”

The Conference participants

On her part, the President of Catholic Action Nigeria of the Catholic Diocese of Kano, Mrs. Stella Onuorah identified lack of practice as the problem that is common to women. She spoke of the need to upgrade their knowledge and to remain actively involved in the society. Her words, “That certificate is very important. Let us go back to school. Get that certificate and keep it. A day will come when you can use it. It is never too late to go back to school.”