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In this presentation, I shall discuss integrity in terms of concept and definition, importance of integrity; integrity and schooling; challenges facing integrity; solutions/recommendations, conclusion.

Concept and Definition of Integrity

Integrity is doing the right thing both in the open and in the hidden. Integrity can also be defined as self control and self discipline to act according to the morally acceptable standards, constitution, religious injunctions, and so on.

Integrity is an important key to national development of any nation of the world because only when people are righteous or morally upright that they can sacrifice their all for national prosperity.

The prophets of God, committed nationalists, persistent human right activists, just judges, responsible parents and dedicated teachers are only great because of their integrity. There is no human being who can be considered great without integrity.

Importance of Integrity
There are advantages of integrity which are as follows:

  1. Integrity promotes better security: The security officers with high level of integrity will never be accomplices to the perpetrators of insecurity because of money or other gifts.
  2. Integrity promotes quality healthcare services: The healthcare personnel such as doctors, nurses, etc who possess high level of righteousness will put in their best to do their job to treat the patients, save lives, etc.
  3. Integrity leads to quality education: Teachers with high integrity will not abandon their professional duties but teach with excellence. This will result in quality education.
  4. Integrity eradicates fraud and corruption: Those who are morally and spiritually rich will not participate in fraud (e.g. cyber fraud..) and corruption.
  5. Integrity brings justice: The legal practitioners who are well grounded in character will stop at nothing to maintain justice for every citizen irrespective of their positions in the society.
  6. Integrity ensures good governance for human and national development: One of the problems of Nigeria is bad governance. Many government personnel cause problems such as poor education, unemployment, poor roads, poor healthcare system, etc because of their corruption which is product of their zero integrity. If integrity is possessed by government personnel, they will be able to fix problems of the country as they desist from corruption. Integrity and Schooling
    One of the most important functions of schools is to instill integrity in the learners. Any school that fails to do this has lost its purpose. Integrity in schools is all the righteousness that teachers, learners, school administrators, counselors, etc should do. School integrity involves punctuality, avoidance of truancy, neatness, compliance with the rules guiding the school, serious focus on learning, avoidance of examination malpractice, shunning cultism, decency, truthfulness, helping others in the school, etc. Challenges facing Integrity
    The challenges that usually face people with integrity or process of building integrity include the following:
  7. Lack of cooperation among the stakeholders such as parents, teachers, administrators, government personnel and learners.
  8. Poverty: When people are poor, they are easily manipulated. For instance, political thugs are paid by politicians to violate the peace of the society.
  9. Ignorance: For anybody to maintain integrity, he needs knowledge about specific form of integrity in any situation. One needs to know the acceptable standards of righteousness in the community one finds oneself.
  10. Bad governance: When government does not promote human values such as righteousness, justice, freedom, etc it would be hard for the masses to promote these values since government controls the society.
  11. Lack of reward for jntegrity in the society Solutions/Recommendations
  12. Cooperation of the stakeholders to promote integrity in the society
  13. Employment to reduce poverty
  14. Sensitization and education to uproot ignorance
  15. Good governance
  16. Reward system for integrity Conclusion
    We have discussed various issues in integrity. It is our collective responsibility to maintain and promote integrity in the society. Help yourself and help others maintain integrity.

Thank you for reading.


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