2023: Kaduna Politicians Jittery Over Suleiman’s Quest To Join PDP, Says Youth Group

2023: Kaduna Politicians Jittery Over Suleiman’s Quest To Join PDP, Says Youth Group

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By Amos Matthew


Convener of a group simply known as Kaduna Development Minds, Musa Alhassan said in Kaduna that some politicians in the State were already jittery over planned exodus by Member, House of Reps Samaila Suleiman and supporters from All Progressives Congress (APC) to the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) ahead 2023 General Elections.

He stated that Suleiman’s moves into PDP would boost electoral fortunes of the party in Kaduna because, according to him the two term federal legislator controlled high-powered and formidable political structures that would make a far-reaching impact on political direction in the state.

Alhassan pointed out that some powerful politicians who felt threatened by the much publicized movement of Hon. Suleiman along side his teeming supporters into PDP were already plotting to frustrate the epic event from taking place.

“Our attention has been drawn to a social media ranting of one AbdulSalam Mohd Kazeem who claimed to have written from Gaji Ward, saying Suleiman wouldn’t get the PDP’s ticket because he would be meeting other loyal members in the party.

“Persons with fictitious analysis are used by desperate politicians to create hot blood among party members for their selfish interest.

“Their motive is to create disharmony by setting people against one another.

“We call on true party members to disregard such people and what they spread, they should instead focus on personality of Samaila, what he stands for and what the masses would be benefit from him.

“They know the political muscles of Hon. Suleiman in deciding the political climate of the state due to grassroot supports and charisma he enjoys amongst electorate in Kaduna North Federal Constituency in particular.

“Samaila Suleiman has over the years built individuals who can now go to any length to ensure victory for any political aspirations he pursues.

“The House member is an invaluable asset to any party he pinches his tent with as he remains a pace setter, an exemplary statesman with unique abilities to study political temperatures ahead to enable him take a decisive action.

“These individuals who are already jittery have gone all over the place spreading false narratives about the next move of Suleiman and his supporters into PDP.

“Efforts of these men will be futile and dead on arrival as more and more supporters of Suleiman and stakeholders in PDP are urging him to make the move , ” Alhassan revealed .