Maiden Zaria Christian Youths’ Summit: Convener Redirects Participants to Pastors 

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By Olivia Obijiaku

The first interdenominational youth program in Zaria, “Zaria Christian Youth Summit” took place in St Andrew’s Anglican Church, GRA Zaria on Saturday, 12th March 2022, where the Vicar of the Church and the convener of the summit, Ven. Mamman-Eri Sokomba spoke on the theme, ‘Obtaining the Promise,’ and intimated that the biannual program is meant to organize a variety of Christian programs for youths within Zaria; promote Zaria content and encourage a culture of worship in them. 

He anchored the message of the day on Heb.11:39 (These were all commended for their faith but none of them received the promise) interpreting that though the passage seems to suggest that all the men of faith like Abraham, Moses and Elijah who died before the death of Jesus did not receive the promise, they all waited for His Blood of atonement before they could inherit the promise.

Ven. Mamman-Eri Sokomba

“Before man was created, Lucifer had already disobeyed God and was thrown down to earth.” Ven. Sokomba clarified. “Lucifer represented darkness and God made man to be a carrier of the light in order to dispel the darkness that Lucifer stands for. Initially, when God, the Source of light and Adam and Eve, the carriers of the light met, they had a wonderful relationship, but they lost their light the moment they disobeyed Him. After the fall, every other person who came into the world inherited the nature of Adam – they had darkness in them.”

All the heroes of faith in Heb.11:39 died in faith but they were waiting for the Blood of Jesus because ‘it is impossible for the blood of bulls and goats to take away sins’ (Heb. 10:4). Substitution took place on the altar of sacrifice when God provided the ram in place of Isaac, but God was keeping the heroes of faith in reserve, waiting for a time when Jesus would crush the head of the enemy. As seen in the Apostle’s Creed, Jesus descended into hell. So when He died, He went to hell. He did not go straight to heaven. That was why He told Mary Magdalene not to touch Him because He had not yet ascended to His Father. It means He had gone somewhere. Jesus went to hell first to set the captives free. He went there for the liberation of the righteous men that have been kept in hell, because our faith and the Blood of Jesus are important for our salvation. They have all died before He shed His Blood, but nothing should hold them back again now that His Blood is available.”

Pinpointing that some people deal with their darkness by seeking help from darkness, the minister translated that those who do likewise receive bigger demons in place of the initial ones; informed that the devil has the ability to make one see less when they look more; and referred them to Jesus, the Light that darkness cannot handle. He added that those whose names are not written in the Book of Life are workers of iniquity, despite their labour in the House of God.

He then made a call of surrender to Jesus after which he charged the newly recommitted youths to present themselves to their pastors the following day for follow up.

Representing Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Sabon Gari Chapter, the Chapter Secretary, Venerable Dr Adeshina Adeniyi described the summit as an answer to many people’s prayer and prayed that God avails the organizers the grace to sustain it. 

Aside song ministrations from different crews such as ‘Hope for the Blind Wusasa,’ the event featured a Bible Quiz Competition that led Isaac T Bamidele; Samuel Success and Ibrahim Manasea to clinch the first, second and third positions respectively.