Acute water scarcity hits Kaduna

Acute water scarcity hits Kaduna

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…Residents feverishly hunt water
By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

In the last five days, many Kaduna city residents are out in the streets in endless search for water. The scarcity is real and unfortunate.
Our correspondent who went round the populous Sabon Tasha, Television, ungwan Boro communities and environment reported that residents of those areas are going through hell having sleepless nights in searching of water.
Most of the residents who spoke to our reporter expressed dismay over what many of them amply described as so sudden, unexpected and alien under the current administration.

While some of residents blamed the acute and unprecedented water scarcity on lack of electricity and fuel scarcity to even pump boreholes water, others apportioned the blame on government and water board staff in the state for stopping the normal pipe burn water supply to resident for weeks.

Water Authorities our correspondents spoke to said most residents have not been paying their utility bills. With the lack of cooperation in this critical area it is difficult for the Board to function effectively.

However, this position was denied by those that responded to the official statement. According to them, it was not about bills it was that the Water Board has not shown proper understanding of the importance of water to the residents. The supply has been irregular and of poor quality and expressed the fears of water burn diseases

All effort to access the relevant authority to clarified, proved abortive as office assistance alleged that the commissioners and subordinator are banned therefore not allowed to speak to journalists. However some the official who spoke in confidence attributed the cost of the scarcity to the ongoing urban infrastructural development across the state.

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